Stream It or Skip It: John Mayer, Childish Gambino & More

We’re constantly overwhelmed with the new hit TV show or the newest single from this week’s hottest artist it’s enough to break the strongest of wills. Well this column is here to relive some of the tension and make life just that much easier. I’ll give you a look at some of the newest singles, mixtapes & albums and let you know if it’s a stream or a skip.

John Mayer -“New Light”

The newest song from Mayer is produced by No I.D, the genius responsible for Jay-Z’s 4:44. This is easily a stream for the opening line “ I’m the boy in your other phone/ Lighting up inside your drawer at home all alone/Pushing 40 in the friend zone” alone. It also helps that after a few listens the melody is forever embedded in your brain.

This one is going to last all summer on a few of my playlist. Stream It

Rita Ora—“Girls” (feat. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha, and Charli XCX)

When I saw that this track was coming out on Friday I was excited. I immediately started to think about how it was going to be this generation’s version of Lil Kim & crews “Ladies Night”. Let’s just say that I was pretty disappointed. The song has its moments, mainly during Cardi B’s short but to the point verse. I’m sure it will get plenty of attention on the radio but it’s just not making my playlists. Skip It

Ty Dolla $ign- Beach House 3 Deluxe

I’m always on board for a new Ty project, however the re-release of Beach House 3 leaves much to be desired. The additional songs don’t make this a must stream, unless you overlooked the original release of Beach House 3. The singles “Pineapple” & “Clout” might be my least favorite songs from him in recent memory. I suggest streaming Beach House 3 and adding “Number” & “Drugs” to your playlist. Skip It

Childish Gambino – “This Is America”

“This is America” is a good song, in fact it’s a really good song….however without the video attached to it the song kind of just comes and goes. Originally I heard the song via his SNL performance, liked the song but it kind of didn’t live much of an impact with me. Fast forward to the next day, I saw the video and then the impact was made. The video is great, but the song is just a good song that will eventually fade out during the next wave of great singles. Stream It

Jungle- “Happy Man” & “House in LA”

Jungle is finally set to follow up their self-titled debut album and they announced it by dropping two new singles; “Happy Man” & “House in LA”.

The first of the two is “Happy Man” a fun pop hit that explores the pitfalls of materialism. I’ve listen to this one on repeat while writing this. I imagine that if Entourage was still on the air we’d see a closing scene of Vince riding off in the sunset while this plays, so naturally it’s made its way on to my playlist. Stream It

The second single “House in LA” is the polar opposite. If the goal of the song was to put you into a funk then it accomplished it’s goal. This song to me is the equivalent to driving home from a bad day at work, only to get stuck in traffic behind someone who’s brake lights don’t work. If that’s your go to mood then be my guest and stream this, but it’s a skip for me. Skip It

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