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St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day

Budweiser Clydesdale

Clydesdale Tim and handler Travis get ready for the home opener. (Photo: @EvanBenn)

It’s Friday the 13th, and it’s raining outside, but that has not stopped the Cardinal National faithful from showing up to Opening Day festivities.

Today is the home opener for the 11-time World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals, and the fans are more than ready. The #12in12 hash tag is already heating up on Twitter, and even the Clydesdales are ready to go!

How is the season looking for our 11-time World Champion St. Louis Cardinals? There has been a lot of change since the Cardinals were  crowned World Champions, but I still think that we have another year of greatness ahead!

There are a lot of questions regarding our new skipper Mike Matheny, but I heard the best analogy yesterday on the radio. Tony La Russa taught these guys HOW to play the game of baseball, Mike Matheny is LETTING them play the game of baseball.

I know that everyone is concerned with the departure of Albert Pujols, but the team has plenty of talent. As we have seen countless times, teams often rely on their star player, and put the entire weight of the team on his shoulders. But when the star player is absent, the team actually plays like it is supposed to, as a “team.” That is exactly what I think we are going to see this year. And we have seen it already in the few games that the Cardinals have played so far.

St. Louis Cardinals, Opening Day

St. Louis Cardinals, Opening Day

In the game on Monday against the Reds, Matt Holliday, David Freese and Yadier Molina all stepped up to the plate to send home runs out of the park, and the Cardinals went on to beat the Cincinnati Reds 7-1. Then on Tuesday night, both Freese and Beltran sent balls out of the park, for another victory over the Reds.

I think this team is working just as that, as a team, and this new cohesive unit will take this team far this year. Add to that the return of Adam Wainwright, and the addition of Carlos Beltran, and I think there is an excellent chance that this team does add 12 in 2012 … but it is only April, and there is a lot of baseball left to be played!

[On a side note, the Cubs starting pitcher today is my Notre Dame boy, Jeff Samardzija. And while I truly do want to see him do well, just not today, please Jeff!!]

Bring on the Cubbies, and Let’s Play Ball!

Go Cards!

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