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The Spread Offense | Wednesday, November 22nd


On this week’s episode of The Spread Offense, we scrape the barrel to talk about last week’s games. We discuss Wisconsin winning impressively despite not having all the pieces they need to be a top-five team, Miami sweating ever so slightly against Virginia, and also about how bad the Pac-12 is this season. Sorry to all of our Pac-12 listeners.

Quick Slants for this week consist of us discussing Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M parting ways, ever so briefly mentioning Jim Mora getting fired, and getting spitting mad at Mississippi State being ranked ahead of UCF. I swear quite a bit here, so sorry!

For this week’s Run/Pass Option, I throw out a ton of rivalries and Sam and I deliberate on whether or not they’re Actually Good™️!. It’s mostly me trying to convince Sam that some rivalries are kind of fun.

Finally, we look ahead to rivalry weekend. With the holiday weekend, you’ve got extra time to tweet at Sam and rub my monster lead in his face. Oh, and also a ‘Bama loss if that occurs.

The Reverse – 0:43
Quick Slants – 14:03
Run/Pass option – 25:10
The Hurry Up – 41:39

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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