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The Spread Offense | Thursday, September 21st


On this week’s episode of The Spread Offense, the guys reverse into what ended up being a pretty wild slate of week three games. We look at how much better Clemson was than Louisville, vaguely wonder about what Tennessee was doing at the end of the Florida game, discuss whether or not USC/Texas was actually good, and have mixed feelings about Mississippi State whooping LSU. Oh, and Brian goes on a very long rant about Nebraska football. Sorry!

Quick Slants for this week is a lone hot route discussing Auburn missing some players for this weekend’s game. It should still be fine, right?

For this week’s Run/Pass Option, we look at two lists of teams and discuss if they are Actually Good, or possibly Actually Bad. Some real doozies in there.

Finally, we look ahead to next weekend’s slate. As Brian (me) continues to increase his lead over Sam each week, I suggest you tweet at both to remind them of the fact.

Timestamps, for those short on time.
The Reverse – 1:52
Special Nebraska rant from Brian – 22:33
Quick Slants – 30:21
Run/Pass option – 32:45
The Hurry Up – 54:10
Big Five – 1:07:50

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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