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The Spread Offense | Thursday, October 19th


On this week’s episode of The Spread Offense, we stumble blindly into week eight after a tumultuous weekend of upsets and chaos. For the reverse we only manage to cover four of said upsets, and have a small discussion about Wazzu’s playoff chances (while also getting distracted by the NBA briefly).

Quick Slants for this week is marveling at Scott Frost having not lost a single step as an option quarterback and also Nebraska hiring an AD. Please check back in for our opinions on the latter bit of news at a later time.

For this week’s Run/Pass Option, Sam presents at least one one-loss team from each conference, and we discuss if they’re actually the favorite to make the playoff. Not a good segment for you PAC12 fans!

Finally, we look ahead to next weekend’s possibly less chaotic(???) slate of games. Sam forgot to mention the scores of the picks this week, but it’s safe to assume that Brian is comfortably ahead and you should tweet at Sam bragging about that.

The Reverse – 2:07
Quick Slants – 20:13
Run/Pass option – 22:54
The Hurry Up – 38:29

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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