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The Spread Offense | Thursday, February 15th


This week, Sam and I briefly reflect on signing day. Turns out that even with the early signing period, we still got some gems and hilarity. We also briefly discuss the news, which was mostly Notre Dame vacating some wins and making it look like they simply got smeared by Alabama for nothing in 2013. Pretty funny.

Our Run/Pass Option this week is a bit different – I pitch to Sam a scenario in which Charlie Strong doesn’t leave for the Texas job in 2014. I then hit him with three things and he runs or passes on whether or not they occur in this alternate universe. It’s pretty fun to think about!

Finally, we end the show with Valentines Day in mind, and discuss some of the things we love about college football. I also trash the NFL pretty hard. So there’s that.

As always, thanks for listening!

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