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The Spread Offense | Thursday, December, 28th


On this week’s episode, we recap all of the bowl games previewed last episode EXCEPT for the two occurring while we recorded. Overall, they were fine.

We move right into the one and only quick slant, which is Deion Sanders maybe taking a spot on Willie Taggart’s coaching staff at FSU? It’s all kind of weird

For this week’s Run/Pass Option, Sam presents a list of teams with classic looks and I decide whether to run or pass on if their jerseys should be updated at all. SPOILERS: I pass on everything!

Finally, we look ahead to the final sprint of bowl games and the first round of the playoffs! Sam then ends the pod differently than our normal sign-off, so expect both of his teams to lose now.

The Reverse – 1:07
Quick Slants – 27:48
Run/Pass option – 30:31
The Hurry Up – 40:11

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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