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Sports Predictions and Beyond for 2013

It’s only fitting that my first post for this website be in regards to a new year. I look back upon 2012 and see a fairly crazy year in sports and society. The world was polarized and torn asunder more than ever before: LeBron versus the world; Obama versus Romney; SEC Football versus the world; Hockey players and fans versus Gary Bettman and owners; Clint Eastwood versus an empty chair.

I’d say it would be hard to top but I’m too old and cynical to believe myself.

Many of my sports predictions might seem safe and some will seem clinically insane, but there is one thing you cannot deny: my predictions are all possible in this mad, mad, world.

I did my best to be chronological here, so we can all print one of these bad boys out and use it as a checklist.

  • Notre Dame will defeat Alabama with a defensive red zone stand in the most watched college football game in history.

    Will this be the scene in Miami? Source: Associated Press

  • I will join 90% of the world and fail at my New Year’s resolution.
  • The Clippers make a terrible trade that costs them later in the playoffs.
  • San Francisco gets revenge for the regular season collapse against New England and wins the Lombardi Trophy. (Gore named MVP with over 150 total yards and three touchdowns)
  • Daniel Day-Lewis wins Best Actor at Oscars but Lincoln loses all other awards.
  • In the least-attended World Series in the last twenty years, the Angels will defeat the Dodgers. Both fan bases will leave the deciding game in the seventh inning to burn something in the streets.
  • The NHL will play its first game in February. The Chicago Blackhawks will ride its youth through the four-games-a-week schedule and win the most tainted Stanley Cup in its history.
  • Tainted Cup will not stop Patrick Kane from showing up on TMZ in a celebratory drinking binge.
  • A Detroit Lion will be arrested for a DUI before the draft.
  • Roberto Luongo will become the goalie for the Columbus Blue Jackets, just so opposing fans show up to boo him.
  • I’ve never played in a death pool before, but if I ever were to join one- it would be this year. There is an astonishingly long list of big-name celebrities that absolutely must be on death’s doorstep, whether we like them or not (looking at you Betty White, Clint Eastwood and Queen Elizabeth).

    I’m not saying I want her to die..just that it’s a strong possibility. Source: Getty Images

  • Duke, Kentucky, Syracuse and Louisville make up your NCAA Final Four this season, with Duke cutting down the nets.
  • In the female brackets, Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins finally gets to use the scissors herself, upsetting Stanford’s bid for a perfect season. Baylor and Duke the losers in the semis.
  • UConn women fail to make the Final Four for the second straight season; Geno Auriemma resigns.
  • Derrick Rose makes an Adrian Peterson-like comeback, leading the Bulls to the Eastern Conference finals.
  • The Miami Heat win the rematch with the Oklahoma City Thunder for a repeat.
  • Another Detroit Lion gets arrested before camp starts.
  • Tiger Woods makes one final run at greatness taking back the Green Jacket and even steals another major tournament.
  • Looking further into the future, he does not pass Jack Nicklaus’s record for major victories.
  • Andy Reid and Rex Ryan top the list of coaches without hats come September.
  • Brad Keselowski will repeat as NASCAR’s Sprint Cup champion, edging out Jeff Gordon.
  • Danica Patrick will not only win her first NASCAR Sprint Cup race, but will be the rookie of the year.
  • Of the ten teams in the BCS this season, only Notre Dame, Alabama and Oregon return to the big stage next year.
  • Kobe Bryant returns to being a petulant child and gets not one, but two, coaches fired within the calendar year.

I’m not exactly taking this list to Vegas and laying down the bones for my thoughts but I’m feeling pretty good; then again I almost did on Notre Dame’s opening odds to win the championship..hmmm….


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tom Bishop

    December 28, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    Looking forward to your no coast point of view. Don’t forget about those Hoosiers now that the Big 10 is starting we will really see what they have.

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