‘Space Jam 2’ Picking The Players to Star Alongside LeBron James

It’s now official the sequel to Spam Jam will be headed our way. This time instead of Michael Jordan, LeBron James will be starring alongside Bugs Bunny and crew. Not only is James attached to the long rumored sequel but Terence Nance is set to direct with Ryan Coogler producing.

We weren’t given much info besides the star, director and producer so naturally we are left with tons of questions. Are the Monstars returning to seek revenge on the Looney Tunes? Is Michael Jordan and Bill Murray making cameos? Will Daffy finally get the respect that he deserves?

Now we probably find out the plot for some time and cameos are most likely going to be kept as quiet as possible so there is plenty of time to speculate on what’s going to happen. My favorite theory and one that seems to be the most popular is that the Nerdlucks are coming back for revenge on the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan, only to find out there’s a whole new crop of basketball stars out there. These athletes are bigger, faster & stronger than those of yesteryear so now the Monstars feel like they really have a legit shot at taking down the Looney Tunes.

It would have been great to see the old crew, but LeBron needs he own crew and here is who I think would be perfect for the sequel.

Joel Embiid

As soon as the news came out Joel Embiid was the first name I thought of. I mean who else is as charismatic as him? If not for his natural ability to be funny at least we can get a “Trust the process” line in there.

Dwyane Wade

Of course LeBron’s best friend is going to be in this movie. I mean I wouldn’t be shocked if Chris Paul and Melo made their way into the movie as well, but Wade is a given. Plus after this year he’ll have plenty of time to shoot the movie.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

If you’re an alien coming to earth to steal a basketball players ability and body, Giannis is first on that list. Shawn Bradley was the strong silent type in the first one so Giannis doesn’t have to worry about talking, it’s all about his length and ability on the court.

Maya Moore

The resume speaks for itself, Moore is an absolute beast. Moore delivers in the biggest moments on the grandest stages and the Monstars are going to want her killer instinct.

Kevin Durant

The Monstars are going to realize that in 2018 social media is the biggest thing, so to make sure they have everything covered they are going to need KD’s ability to operate several burner accounts at once. His ability to score pretty much wherever he wants on the floor is a noted bonus.

I would have listed Kawhi Leonard on this list but I’m pretty sure that he is already a alien so it would make sense for them to take from their own kind. Also we all know Kevin Hart will fill the role of Stan Podolak or whatever zany friend they have for LeBron.

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