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Sweatin’ to The Tourney: Sean Miller’s Overactive Pores Bracket

Sean Miller was sweatin’ the small stuff last night.  And the big stuff.  And pretty much just sweating a ton no matter what.  The under-shirt-less coach of the Arizona Wildcats somehow managed to upstage any of the other spectacular first-round pyro-technics by pretty much looking like a cruise director wading through chest high water of a sinking Carnival Ship looking for any remaining passengers to evacuate.

So, it begs the question: what do you think Sean Miller most resembled last night?  Since Richard Simmons is allegedly being held hostage in his home by a witch, it’s time for us to sweat to the Tourney with the Wildcats.

In the spirit of all things March Madness, we’ve created a bracket that I will update at the end of the day.  Place your votes for the 1st Round Matchups.

1) 5th Place in the Señor Frogs Cancún Spring Break Wet T-Shirt Contest SpringBreak


8) The Male Star of the Ill-Fated Sequel to “Flashdance”: “Flash Dance 2: Dance Harder”Flashdance

2) Seaworld’s CEO, Desperately Attempting to Show How Much He Loves OrcasSeaworld


7) A super-hammered groomsman at an outdoor wedding reception in AugustWedding

4) A Person Who Just Got Baptized in 1940Baptism


3) A Man Whose Plane Crash-Landed in the Desert and He’s Been Wandering for DaysPlane Crash

5) An informant testifying against the mob in the 1980’sCourtroom
VS6) Richard Nixon’s Sweat Coach for the 1960 Presidential DebatesNIxon

Get your votes in and we’ll keep everyone updated.


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