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Sweatin’ to The Tourney: Sean Miller’s Overactive Pores Bracket

Sean Miller was sweatin’ the small stuff last night.  And the big stuff.  And pretty much just sweating a ton no matter what.  The under-shirt-less coach of the Arizona Wildcats somehow managed to upstage any of the other spectacular first-round pyro-technics by pretty much looking like a cruise director wading through chest high water of a sinking Carnival Ship looking for any remaining passengers to evacuate.

So, it begs the question: what do you think Sean Miller most resembled last night?  Since Richard Simmons is allegedly being held hostage in his home by a witch, it’s time for us to sweat to the Tourney with the Wildcats.

In the spirit of all things March Madness, we’ve created a bracket that I will update at the end of the day.  Place your votes for the 1st Round Matchups.

1) 5th Place in the Señor Frogs Cancún Spring Break Wet T-Shirt Contest SpringBreak


8) The Male Star of the Ill-Fated Sequel to “Flashdance”: “Flash Dance 2: Dance Harder”Flashdance

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2) Seaworld’s CEO, Desperately Attempting to Show How Much He Loves OrcasSeaworld


7) A super-hammered groomsman at an outdoor wedding reception in AugustWedding

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4) A Person Who Just Got Baptized in 1940Baptism


3) A Man Whose Plane Crash-Landed in the Desert and He’s Been Wandering for DaysPlane Crash

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5) An informant testifying against the mob in the 1980’sCourtroom
VS6) Richard Nixon’s Sweat Coach for the 1960 Presidential DebatesNIxon

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Get your votes in and we’ll keep everyone updated.


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