Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan Celebrate with Dance Off in Chicago Club

Scottie Pippen celebrated his wait for it… 47th birthday on Monday night at Chicago’s Sunda lounge. His wife, Larsa, surprised the legendary Chicago Bull with faces like Jerry Reinsdorf, Ahmad Rashad and yes, His Airness himself, Michael Jordan.

According to ‘sources’ from the New York Post’s Page Six brief, the night concluded with a dance off between none other than Scottie boy and Mr. Jordan to Trey Songz’s “Say Ahh.”

Now I don’t know if Jordan was ever known for his dance moves back in the day, word is he is quite the ladies man now, but I can’t imagine the 49-year old legend bustin’ a move while spittin’ bars from that song:


“And we don’t buy no drinks at the bar. We pop champagne cuz we got that dough.”

Yes, Michael, yes you do.


I searched and searched to see if there was at the very least a photo of this taking place to no avail. But then I realized, I think I prefer my imagination’s version anyway.

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