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Sam Gordon: 9-year-old Football Phenom

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the YouTube sensation that is Sam Gordon. It was plastered all over my Facebook newsfeed, linked up on my Twitter time line and this morning, the story appeared on my TV as Good Morning America reported on the football phenom.

In case you haven’t let me fill you in: the YouTube video consists of a highlight reel set to some pump-up music in which it states that the 9-year-old Utah native went for 35 touchdowns on 232 carries (averaging 8.2 yards a carry) totaling 1,911 yards for the season as well as 65 tackles. Because Sam plays both sides like that.

Sam plays in the greater Salt Lake City area’s Ute Conference in the Gremlin league, which consists of mostly 9-year-olds. Sam is a whole football team wrapped into one player, playing as the starting quarterback/running back because the team only runs plays from the ground/linebacker and wears number 6 after her favorite player, former BYU All-American running back Luke Staley.

No her wasn’t a typo. This 9-year-old power house is a little girl. Breakin’ tackles, takin’ hits and runnin’ zone reads LIKE A BOSS.

What’s even more incredible than her stats and her gender is that this is her first year playing football. She switched over from soccer after watching countless BYU football games with her father, Brent. After beating her boy counterparts in every speed and agility drill this isn’t a story about a little girl who is good at football for a girl. No, Sam Gordon is good at football. Period.

I hope when I have a girl (or boy) they are as bad ass as this little gremlin. Enjoy.

**The original video was taken down due to copyright infrigement but the video above is from the GMA appearance**




  1. Brian

    November 9, 2012 at 8:15 am

    Poor girl, peaking at 9!

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