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Sad Seven Week 2


The college football gods just keep giving us gold, and frankincense and myrrh (whatever myrrh is) to get us through the mid-week football blues. In this week’s episode the SEC joins the list, a Big Ten newbie goes thug life and a shocking stat about a egotistic blue chipper. Welcome to the #SadSeven for week 2.

Howard 7. Howard – I don’t normally pick on FCS teams, but these numbers can’t be ignored. Poor Howard has been outscored 125-0 in its first two games against Appalachian State and Boston College. BC led Howard 62-0 at half time and the teams mutually decided to cut the second half quarters to 10 minutes each. The Bison, not to be confused with North Dakota State in any way, finished with 11 total yards after gaining 18 on their final drive. Let that sink in a bit.

Boise Nebraska6. BYU opponents – Freaking Cougars. Breaking college boys hearts for years now. But the Mormon Cougars of Brigham Young have found a way to leave a second fan base in tears this week. It was bad enough that they got a Hail Joseph against Nebraska in week one, but they broke Boise hearts with this gem Saturday. I’m still sad.

Texas5. Texas – Sure, Texas won this week over Rice after a dismal week one against Notre Dame. That doesn’t excuse them from the list. The Shorthorns managed just 277 total years on less than 16 minutes time of possession. Rice beat themselves with 5 turnovers. Here’s your shocking stat: Texas ranks 127th in total offense and first downs per game, and dead last (128th) in time of possession. It will be wonderful to watch these guys implode. Side note, the Athletics Director, Steve Patterson got the old Spanish archer this week too.

Rutgers4. Rutgers – Its sad enough that Rutgers lost to a Washington State team that lost to FCS Portland State the week before. It’ worse yet that the Scarlet Knights blew a 4th quarter lead twice and allowed a 90-yard drive to lose to the Cougars. Topping it off, however was Leonte Carroo’s little outburst after the game. Carroo reportedly slammed a woman to the ground outside the stadium and was arrested for assault, the seventh (#SadSeven) Rutgers player arrested this month. Head Coach Kyle Flood has been fined and suspended three games as a result. Are they the most dysfunctional program in college football?

Arkansas3. Arkansas – The Razorbacks wrote the blueprint for earning a spot on the Sad Seven. First you get Bret Bielema spouting about how weak Ohio State’s schedule is (and it is) compared to theirs, then the ranked Razorbacks promptly exit the conversation by losing at home to a team from Ohio. Toledo, who most folks still think are the Mudhens, took about out of the SEC dominance winning 16-12. Honorable mention to Tennessee, who blew a huge lead to Oklahoma. Also the fact that Auburn is still “ranked” after their escape against Jacksonville State is tragic at best and an indictment to the voters at worst.

Kansas Logo2. Kansas – Rock Chalk Sadhawk, KU! We’re going to get that trending on Twitter if they keep this up. Kansas continues to make their case for the worst team in FBS losing this week by 32 to Memphis again at home. Although ESPN has them 3rd worst. The silver lining here is that they play fellow Sad Seven nominee Rutgers next week.

Zips1. Akron – Who is at the bottom of the list in first down, scoring and total offense according to The lucky Zips, who are averaging 5 points per game, 168 yards and nine fist downs per game. The good news is that Akron plays Savannah State next week, who has won just 6 games the last 6 seasons, four of those against Division II teams.

Watch List: Idaho, Tulane, UCF, Wyoming.

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