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Nick Saban’s CFP National Championship Gameday Calendar Has Been Leaked

Nick Saban is a busy dude.  With killing it on the recruiting trail, faux-firing dudes who had already kind of left, and trying to prep the Alabama Crimson Tide for another run at the College Football National championship, the guy has a lot on his gold-plated plate.

And, how does a guy with this many Irons (*Author’s note: Bowl. Hiiii-ooooh) in the fire, manage his day?  By meticulously planning out every moment.  Saban is nothing if not legendarily prepared and organized.

Knowing this, we here at No Coast Bias were able to ask a certain President Elect to call in a favor of his BFF (*Author’s note: a certain shirtless-horseback-riding aficionado from a certain former Soviet Republic) and have a team of hackers dive into Saban’s personal laptop to capture exactly what the famous coach was up to today.  Let’s take a look.

(*Author’s note: As usual, the quality isn’t as good as we would have hoped for, but if you click on the image, you’ll be able to see things much more clearly.)

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