Report: Joel Embiid Fined ‘Thousands Of Dollars’ During Rookie Season

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid, the 3rd selection of the 2014 NBA Draft, has been in the headlines all season long. That’s not too shocking for a high-profile draftee, but the fact Embiid didn’t play a single second this year makes you wonder why he’s drawn so much attention.

Well, from his hilarious Twitter account to “coaching” the team during his on-court absence, he’s managed to stay in front of the headlines for just about everything except developing his game and overcoming his injuries. Embiid’s eccentric personality was a boon for bloggers everywhere, but his alleged lack of discipline more than irked the Sixers organization.

Case in point:

Not a good look, but the SB Nation Sixers site wants us to slow our roll in chastising the young center:

Embiid may have been fined at one point, but the only logical explanation was that it was around the time of Pompey’s article in January. This news coming to light now is unfortunate, only because it gives the organization’s detractors something new to talk about, despite its irrelevance.

Time will tell whether this report and the fines that Embiid assessed are a legit warning sign for bad things to come, but let’s see how the big man performs once he gets past his injuries and performs on the court next season. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy Embiid’s social media antics.

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