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Rejected Wheaties box ideas from the 2013 football offseason

Earlier this week it was announced that Minnesota Vikings running back, and last season’s MVP, Adrian Peterson was going to be on the front of the newest Wheaties box.  While this isn’t that big of a shock I figured that there were probably some more interesting, controversial Wheaties-potentials out there that should’ve had their own moment in the spotlight.

It turns out I didn’t know the half of it.

Utilizing my contacts within the highly secretive organization known as General Mills, I have been granted exclusive access to the other three finalists for this year’s first 2013 football-themed Wheaties box.  All three of these were being tossed around as potentially being released as extremely-limited edition boxes with special covers and even more special photo-shoots.  Check them out.

#1.  Aaron Hernandez


#2.  Johnny Manziel


And the final box that was oh-so-close to making the cut:

#3.  Riley Cooper



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