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Reggie Miller Once Had His Own Talk Show (Seriously)

Last night the crew at “Inside the NBA” did their usual ribbing of Charles Barkley, but did so by casually mentioning Chuck’s appearance on something called “The Reggie Miller Show”. This isn’t the first time the TNT crew has mentioned this as evidenced by the preceding link, but this got folks thinking…REGGIE MILLER ACTUALLY GOT GREENLIGHTED FOR A SHOW!?1!!

Thanks to a little detective work done by Lang Whitaker of, we unearthed the following from Miller’s 1991 Sports Illustrated profile:

Miller’s newfound popularity in Indianapolis comes, in part, from a weekly bit on WFBQ-95 FM during morning drive time that is one of the highest-rated radio shows in the country in its time slot and for its market size. And there also is the Reggie Miller Show, which is entering its third season and possibly moving soon from cable TV to the Fox network. About once a week after the NBA season starts, Miller will skitter down a wrought-iron spiral staircase, greet 200 woofing teenagers and tip off a half-hour program that deals with everything from sex to drugs to pick-and-rolls. Celebrity guests have ranged from Larry Bird to the New Kids on the Block, but the show also examines tough issues, with Miller asking questions and working his knee-high audience with the authority of an Oprah or a Phil.

The authority of an Oprah or a Phil (Donahue not McGraw kiddos)?  You have to see this to believe it. Oh, and Conan’s in this episode. Playing charades.!


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