A Recap in Emojis: NFL Week 2

It’s a shame that the week of football technically begins with the Thursday Night game. More often than not, the game’s are incredibly boring matchups that I have no interest in watching unless my team is playing. So, basically, I forgot that the Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals even played a game on Thursday. You didn’t miss anything if you, too, “forgot” to watch. (Basically, the showing by the offense cost the offensive coordinator his job, and that’s about all the news out of that one.)


Verdict for the rest of the week’s slate: watchable. This is what we know so far: The NFC West is awful; The AFC West (minus Los Angeles) remain undefeated; The 49ers have failed to score a touchdown still; The Chicago Bears miiiight miss Jay Cutler.


Here’s who earned this week’s emoji awards:


  Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman are doing big things for Atlanta. The duo rushed for 126 yards and two touchdowns. They’re a duo to watch as the season continues.


Trevor Siemian led the Broncos to a convincing 42-17 win. He’s starting to look like an actual, confident quarterback.


When Tom Brady’s mad, he turns his anger into incredible things. Brady had 177 yards and three touchdown passes within the first quarter. He finished the game with 447 yards, the third most in his career.


 Fantasy owners when they heard Odell Beckham Jr. would be back in the New York Giants’ lineup. (….though he was pretty absent during Monday night’s game.)



While Marshawn Lynch didn’t put up huge numbers for Oakland this week, his dancing that was caught on the jumbotron — and retweeted onto my timeline 1000 times — earns him an emoji trophy.



Carolina Panthers – Buffalo Bills game. ZERO touchdowns. Plenty of people using the game to take a snooze….


  It’s two games into the season and the Niners still haven’t scored a touchdown. If only there was a quarterback that needed a home…hmmmm


  The Monday Night football theme straight up SUCKS. Who decided to band together Hank Williams’ Jr., Florida Georgia Line, and Jason Derulo???



Ezekiel Elliott was held to nine carries for eight yards. Zero touchdowns. The Cowboys’ offense was pretty lifeless without him — and so was my fantasy team.


The Green Bay Packers pre-game injury list was long enough (starting tackles were inactive). By the end of the game, the Packers added Mike Daniels and Jordy Nelson to their injured list. This is just a ticking time bomb for the Packers’ season. (If we’re being extremely pessimistic.)


Arizona Cardinals – Indianapolis Colts overtime. If you’re an Arizona fan, it was fantastic. Your team escaped an ugly game. (And Phil Dawson got redemption.) For everyone else, it was lackluster and anticlimactic. Yaaaawn.

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