Reality Show Created To Scout CM Punk’s First UFC Opponent

Since announcing that he would be signing with UFC plenty of current, former, & UFC hopefuls stepped up to the plate to challenge former WWE superstar CM Punk. Some have been more realistic, like Chris Leben coming out of retirement, while others have been just a way to keep fighters names alive (I’m talking to you Jason David Frank).

While we are still unsure when CM Punk’s UFC debut will take place, we now have a better idea of who it will be. UFC President Dana White spoke with TSN on Thursday and dropped a little gem about Punk’s fight on everyone.

White along with UFC is developing an Entourage spinoff, I mean reality series where White and his two buddies go out in search of talent for the UFC. The first season will be their attempt to find Punk’s potential debut opponent.

“I just started a new show, the pilot is on YouTube, it’s called ‘Dana White Looking for a Fight’ and I’m actually out looking for opponents for CM Punk right now. He will fight next year, 100 percent.”

Kudos to White for being able to not only make Punk’s signing even more marketable, but also be able to continue making his face more known than the majority of his fighters.

The show which is The Ultimate Fighter adjace, has a somewhat entertaining pilot on YouTube where White along with his buddies, some guy named Tooth and former TUF winner Matt Serra, go out have a good time and check out some fights at night. Feature in the pilot is Sage Northcutt, who is already signed to the UFC and a name every fight fan should get familiar with if they aren’t already.

The news that White and the UFC fully believe that Punk will fight in 2016 is a pretty big deal, up until now there was a slight feeling that Punk might not fight till early 2017, this news puts that to bed.

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