Ray Allen Is Putting On A Jordans Scavenger Hunt

Ray Allen took to Instagram three days ago to inform the good people of Hartford Connecticut about a Jordan scavenger hunt he’s putting on throughout the city. He’s been placing his former J’s around Hartford ever since and has used Instagram to give clues where the shoes are located. This is a really cool move by Ray because some lucky people are gonna some sweet Ray Allen memorabilia.

They’re in Hartford somewhere

A photo posted by Ray Allen (@rayn34) on

If you know your way to this school the shoes will be waiting on you out front

A photo posted by Ray Allen (@rayn34) on

Only complaint I have about this so far is Ray’s just giving out Team Jordan kicks. We all know Ray has an infinite amount of PE Retro J’s from his days in Milwaukee all the way to his final game in Miami. So c’mon Ray, give the people what they want and that’s the retros. My guess is Ray’s gonna hold onto his retro’s because they have more sentimental value to him but he could have a change of heart.

If you want to follow along with the scavenger hunt you can follow Ray Allen on Instagram here.


Feature Image: Instagram @rayn34

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