RAW: Let’s Get Ready For Night Of Champions

With Daniel Bryan getting the last laugh on RAW giving a knee to the face to Randy Orton, to end the show, the Big Show once again had a choice to make by defending Bryan against the Shield, but elected not to as the McMahon family threatened to fire him if he fought the Shield or Orton.

Bryan leading up to the final RAW before Night of Champions getting the last laugh usually doesn’t bode well for those who act in that manner as they usually end up losing at any paper view during those circumstances especially with the title on the line but Bryan has been on fire a bit over the last couple of months. With that said in my opinion the Shield that will evidently interrupt the match for the WWE championship, and leave Bryan high, and dry.

Things with Bryan, and Orton really kicked off due to interesting takes early on RAW as Edge returned, and hosted “ The Cutting Edge” segment, and talked about his displeasure for the way things were being run especially with Triple H in charge. Edge also talked about how Triple H isn’t a good judge of talent as he made note of people who were doubted under the Cerebral Assassin such as John Cena along with Chris Jericho. Ouch.

But to get back on Egde for those comments, Triple H would bring have Christian in possession of the Shield, as Christian was brought out motionless to the ramp for Edge to attend to.

Paul Heyman was up to his old tricks again trying to take himself out of a match at Night of Champions where he will team up with Curtis Axel to take on CM Punk. Heyman claimed he a bad knee in which he supposedly injured during the show on RAW. Heyman, and Axel went out to the ring with their personal doctor, and it didn’t go as planned for them via WWE.com.

Not about to let Heyman off so easily, Raw GM Brad Maddox soon emerged with WWE doctor Michael Sampson in tow to give Heyman the live medical evaluation of the gimpy leg that would potentially clear Heyman from competition on Sunday. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Sampson proclaimed Heyman a healthy man, and this was all the provocation that CM Punk needed to arrive, Kendo stick in hand, and commit some medical malpractice of his own by decimating Kirshenbaum while Heyman watched.”

It was a wild

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Other RAW Results:

Rob Van Dam defeated Ryback via Disqualification

WWE Champion Randy Orton defeated Goldust

Damien Sandow defeated The Miz

Santino Marella defeated Antonio Cesaro

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth

Natalya, Brie Bella and Naomi defeated Layla, Alicia Fox and Aksana

Bray Wyatt defeated Dolph Ziggler

Kofi Kingston defeated Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel via Disqualification

Daniel Bryan defeated U.S. Champion Dean Ambrose

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