RAW: Daniel Bryan Get’s Embarrassed


[twu word=”#TripleH #BrockLesnar #CMPunk #JohnCena #DanielBryan” type=”query” count=”” timer=”” autoplay=”1″ multiple=”false” width=””]On a night where many in the WWE Universe were looking for answers due to the actions of Triple H who used a pedigree on Daniel Bryan for Randy Orton to capture the WWE championship, we got answers. Bryan isn’t good for business holding the WWE championship according to the McMahon family.

John Cena was disgusted with the results, and also declared that he would be for 4-6 months due to tearing his tricep. Cena introduced Bryan to ring, who obviously wanted answers as well. Stephanie McMahon came out to clarify to Bryan that he was not the ideal size, and weight to be WWE champion, and that it was nothing personal.  As the back, and forth continued between the two things got heated as Bryan smacked the mike from Stephanie, as she called security to take him out of the ring.

The Shield did the dirty work for the McMahon’s on Monday night as they took out Dolph Ziggler, and the Big Show in handicap matches due to the critical statements both Ziggler, and Show displayed to the McMahon’s over the incident with Bryan.

CM Punk following Summerslam was itching for a fight with Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman. Heyman initially came to the ring to try, and convince Punk to re-unite with him because Heyman believes he knows what is best for Punk. Heyman wanted an apology from Punk but got much worse than that when he brought Curtis Axel to the ring to assist him with Punk.

Punk, and Axel went at it as Punk was still clearly bruised from his Summerslam match the night before, and was laying motionless in the ring for a moment. Axel got arrogant, taking his time with Punk until Punk brutally attacked Axel leaving Heyman escaping towards the ramp.

As the show was nearing an end, Vince, and Stephanie McMahon came to ring along with Triple H asking Bryan to come out with the Shield hanging outside of the ring, and the rest of the RAW roster standing by the entrance ramp. Orton would come to give thanks to the McMahon family for their actions, and Bryan would appear shortly after.

The Shield would attack Bryan, but Bryan did his best to fight them off until Roman Reigns would come out of nowhere with a spear. Bryan would slowly get up to enter the ring, and Orton finished him off with an RKO to end the show.


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2.) Funkadactyls defeated Divas Champion A.J. Lee, and Layla

3.) World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara

4.) Prime Time Players defeated The Real Americans

5.) Bray Wyatt defeated R-Truth

6.) The Usos defeated 3MB

7.) The Miz defeated Wade Barrett via disqualification




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