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Rasslin’ Rumor Roundup (9/15 – 9/22): Y2J’s WrestleMania Plans, Sting Injury Update

Outside of fantasy booking and complaining about WWE creative there’s nothing the internet wrestling community (IWC) loves to do more than speculate on rumors. This weekly feature recaps the latest gossip surrounding pro wrestling over the previous week.

Let’s take a look at the most prominent rumors from 9/15 – 9/22:

  • Remember when Y2J stormed past Dean Ambrose post-match, bumping Ambrose’s shoulder in the process? Apparently, a possible feud heading into WrestleMania is in the works between these two.
  • The only definitive information out there regarding Sting’s injuries are that they could be potentially serious. That said, word backstage was Vince McMahon was still pushing for Sting to either address his injuries on RAW last night or tease his next program.
  • is reporting a WWE/Jetsons crossover movie is in the works.
  • The WWE may be interested in bringing back Carlito. Whether his re-signing would be the main roster or NXT is anyone’s guess right now.
  • To the delight of professional wrestling fans everywhere, Lucha Underground was greenlighted for a second season. This isn’t a rumor, but it was worth a mention here.

Heard of any other speculation worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget that these are all rumors that originated from a ton of different sources and these notes are not to be treated as fact.

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