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Rasslin’ Rumor Roundup (6/23-6/29): Shawn Michaels’ WrestleMania 32 Plans, WWE 2K16 Roster

Outside of fantasy booking and complaining about WWE creative there’s nothing the internet wrestling community (IWC) loves to do more than speculate on rumors. This weekly feature recaps the latest gossip surrounding pro wrestling over the previous week.

Let’s take a look at the most prominent rumors from 6/23 through 6/29:

  • Don’t expect The Rock to make regular appearances at house shows like he did in Boston over the weekend. That appears to be a one-time deal.
  • WWE 2k16 is expected to offer the largest roster ever for a WWE video game with 120 unique playable Superstars and Divas. Anyone else really excited to see what 2K can do with a full year of development time?
  • That rumored Stephen Amell (of Arrow fame) vs. Stardust match appears to be dead in the water.
  • Kurt Angle’s neck tumor isn’t expected to keep him out for long.
  • Speaking of Angle, he was apparently blindsided by Jeff Jarrett and his ex-wife Karen’s return to TNA.
  • Magnus appears to be done with TNA after next week’s Impact tapings. Don’t expect him to be completely out of the TNA scene though given all those GFW/TNA merger rumors.
  • During a recent Q&A session, Shawn Michaels revealed he was offered a “major role” for WrestleMania 32. Although he turned it down, the WWE is expected to keep the pressure on HBK to serve in some capacity for the next Showcase of the Immortals.
  • The frontrunner to land WrestleMania 33? Orlando. Not surprising since the state of Florida seems to land one of these every other year.

Heard of any other speculation worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget that these are all rumors that originated from a ton of different sources and these notes are not to be treated as fact.

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