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Rajon Rondo does his best Craig Sager Impression

If going from hero to goat in a span of seconds wasn’t bad enough*, Rajon was roasted by the Inside the NBA crew for the monstrosity of a jacket he wore following the Celtics loss to the Hawks last night. Seriously. What was that? Was he auditioning for The Time?

Rondo’s Morris Day Swag (above) would fit right in with the boys from The Time (pictured to the right)









He also wasn’t too thrilled that a cameraman was still filming him when he was talking to his close friends and family.  Just an all-around tough time for the NBA’s purest point guard.

Don’t be surprised if Rondo nets another triple-double and comes out swinging for Game 6 as he almost always performs well when the light shines brightest on him.

*Rondo stole the Hawks inbounds pass in the closing seconds of Game 5 and then proceeded to dribble the ball while time ran out. Al Horford did one hell of a job switching out on Rondo though so the closing play blunder can’t solely be placed on Rajon. 

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