[Quick Hits] Will Brian Urlacher Test Free Agency?

(Credit Image: © John Pyle/Cal Sport Media)


Right now the first player you think of when you think Chicago Bears is Brian Urlacher. Would he leave the Bears after this year which is the last of his current 5 year deal? According to a radio interview on ESPN 1000, he will entertain it:

“I’ve never been a free agent,” Urlacher said on ESPN 1000. “So, if I can get to free agency we’ll see what happens. I no doubt want to finish my career here. There’s no doubt about that. But you bring in free agency and all that you just never know what’s gonna happen.”

Urlacher just turned 34 which in NFL years means he is on the downside to his career but my guess is that he will not want to take less money to continue to play for the Bears. The Bears don’t exactly have a recent history of paying their players either. See: Lance Briggs and Matt Forte. This will be interesting to see unfold during and after this season.

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