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[Quick Hits] Kevin Durant Dropping Rhymes on Stephen Jackson’s Album?

Looks like the Durantula himself will be spinning words into rhymes on Stephen Jackson’s new rap album.

According to a recent interview with XXL Durant will be featured in Jackson’s album dropping sometime at the end August/beginning of September. And according to Jackson KD is nice on the mic – “Yeah, KD can go, man. I respect him for even getting on the track with me, because a lot of athletes are scared to even get on the same song with me ’cause they feel I’m gonna embarrass them. I’m just happy he took the time to do it, and he really killed the verse so a lot of people are gonna be surprised by it.”

I’m usually not as tough on NBA players wanting to try their hand in the rap game and you can check out some of my favorites here, but it’s hard for me to take KD seriously as a rapper since he’s so humble on and off the court. Plus, I really wasn’t a big fan of his first single (see below). Either way, when you can ball like him you can pretty much do whatever you want.

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