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[Quick Hits] Haslem shoots on Kendrick Perkins being a fake tough guy

Following the most intense game of the NBA regular season between 2 teams with championship aspirations, it’s to no one’s surprise the on-court intensity carried over into the locker room.  According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Miami Heat Power Forward (and modern-day Charles Oakley) Udonis Haslem had the following to say after the game Wednesday:

“I think sometimes people just use the TVs and the cameras and the crowd, you know, to put on a show,” Haslem said of Perkins. “I don’t think he’s all that he shows out there on the court.

“I think anybody can be a tough guy with a thousand people watching on TV and referees who call fouls and stop the game and different things like that. I don’t seeing him being any tough guy that he puts on the show to be, at all.”

“If we were playing at the park, I don’t think he’d be doing all that,” Haslem said.

This sounds a heck of lot like Kevin Durant’s “tough guys” rant last January. Let’s hope these 2 teams get a chance to show just how tough they really are come June.  And let’s hope the ref’s let them play “Bad Boy’s” era basketball and not turn the potential dream match-up into a free throw shooting contest.

Here’s video of the hard fouls that occurred in a span of seconds last night.  As a fan that grew up watching early 90’s basketball I don’t think the reaction regarding these fouls was warranted.

What do you think of all this drama? Let us know in the comments section.

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