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[Quick Hits] God Bless the SEC

Well played, coach.
Photo courtesy of the @FOTProgram Twitter feed.

Bobby Petrino… I don’t know whether to shake my head or shake your hand. While withholding information from your employer and possibly your wife is bad enough, having “inappropriate relationships” with smoking hott volleyball players that are half your age (and around the same age as your children) is living out the fantasy of most men your age.

Perhaps, the most entertaining part of all this is the Hawg fan responses:

“hell – at least he’s not raping little boys in the shower.” Touche.

“This sounds like an affair, which could lead to a divorce. Doubt it hurts us in football…” 

“Really? Who care’s? This has nothing to do with his ability to coach. We didn’t hire a freaking saint as a head coach. How can you judge this as anything? Hell, for all you know his wife could be humping the pool boy while he was with her.” 

“at least he didn’t have some hippo on the back of his bike. got to give him that.” 

“Perhaps her fiance is wanting to get a bike, and she is very concerned. Coach Petrino, being an avid life-long biker, offers to take her on a quick ride to show her that it can be safe (which was an abvious FAIL)… I agree, It’s strange, but not out of the question.”

God Bless the SEC and their win-at-all-cost, sometimes delusional mentality. Somewhere in south Florida, Carl Pelini is smiling.

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