[Quick Hits] Dwight Howard: The Gutless Superstar (Video)


Days like yesterday are why we created In a day that included The Masters teeing off and a semi-full slate of MLB games(really when will the MLB get their act together), there were big updates to ongoing stories that have been on the radar of sports fans. The story that really got me going was the ongoing saga that is Dwight Howard: The Gutless Superstar.

I am going to say it and I will not apologize: Dwight Howard is a fraud, phony, and a punk. The guy who wanted to come into the league and put a cross on his jersey and preach the word of God, has multiple illegitimate children out there. That is a fraud.

Dwight who never wanted to be seen as the bad guy, flip-flopped so many times during in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline about wanting to stay in Orlando that I just stopped believing anything he said because you knew it was fake. He thinks it will best for him to be with another superstar on a bigger stage but I have news for you Dwight: publicly going back and forth while privately saying you want out makes me think you couldn’t handle a stage like LA, Chicago, or NYC. That is a phony.

Finally, in what might have been the most awkward presser ever, Stan Van Gundy got tired of covering up for “Superman” and told the media that management informed him that Dwight wanted him fired. Dwight actually “Kanyed” the press conference and when he got questions about what his coach had just said, denied it all. He can’t even be a man and just admit that he wants his coach fired. That right there is a punk.

When you add all that up “at the end of the day” and whatever other sports cliche you want to throw in there, you come out with: Dwight Howard The Gutless Superstar.



  1. ncbsports

    April 6, 2012 at 10:49 am

    Here’s the perfect picture for all this…

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