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[Quick Hits] Barkley Puts Dream Team II On Blast


Charles Barkley, never one to mince words, spouted off the following on the Dan Patrick Show today. I went ahead and bolded the juiciest parts for you:

“People forget I played on the second Dream Team. The second Dream Team really sucked. I have to tell you something and I’ve said this privately and a few times publicly, we had so much junk going on about playing time, who was starting on the second Dream Team and on the first Dream Team we never had any of that. I’m playing with the greatest team ever assembled and everybody got along well, did we try to kill each other in practice? Of course we did but we went back to the hotel and everybody got along well, everybody respected each other and it was really cool. Then when I played the second time in Atlanta man guys were arguing with Lenny Wilkens and talking about who should be starting. 1992 was like the greatest thing ever as far as camaraderie and everybody getting along. Then in ‘96 I was like ‘you guys are kidding me, I played with the greatest team ever, and you guys aren’t that good and you’re complaining about who is starting and who is getting playing time?’ You have to be kidding me. It was incredible.”

With the likes of Shaq, pre-injury Penny and Grant Hill, The Dream, Reggie Miller and a few holdovers from the original Dream Team the talent wasn’t too shabby and they definitely produced on the court. If this was anybody else I might say this was a publicity stunt to get even more attention on tonight’s documentary and to further the legend of that team but with Chuck this is how he is.  No doubt in mind he believes this but at least these guys weren’t the “Nightmare Team” from 2004.

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