Playoff Post-Mortem: San Antonio Spurs

Welcome to Playoff Post-Mortem, where I’ll break down why a particular team is longer alive in the playoffs, what good they can take from their exit, and what comes next. I’ll also speculate where the players will be going on vacation. R.I.P. to every team taken from these playoffs too soon, and best wishes to those still fighting for their lives.

What Went Wrong

The San Antonio Spurs are old. The Oklahoma City Thunder are young. The Spurs move slowly. Efficiently, but slowly. The Thunder are a collection of athletic freaks who are peaking and coalescing at just the right time. Their offense stagnated and after hot starts, LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard were largely contained. That’s who the Spurs are relying on to remain at a championship level, and they didn’t get it done this series.

The Silver Lining

They’re the Spurs. They’re going to be alright.

What Comes Next

Wait and see what Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli are going to do. I have a hard time believing they’d leave after such a stellar season, but you never know with these Spurs players. They’re ready made if they stay, and they wouldn’t have a hard time finding players if they go. You can’t replace them, but this organization can apparently make anything work in their favor. Aldridge and Kawhi are signed for years to come, the hard part is already over. We’ll see what goes around them next season, and how many assistant coaches get hired away from other franchises trying to recreate what’s happening in San Antonio. Good luck with that.

Vacation Destinations of Each Starter

Tony Parker – home and the gym

Danny Green – home and the gym

Kawhi Leonard – home and the gym

LaMarcus Aldridge – home and the gym

Tim Duncan – home and the gym

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