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Pick 6 – Week 9 (College Edition)

This is the ninth edition of the 2014 ‘Pick 6′ feature, where our staff makes their picks for 6 of the top games of the week.  Here’s this week’s games:

1. (22) West Virginia at Oklahoma State
2. (15) Arizona at Washington State
3. (20) USC at (19) Utah
4. South Carolina at (5) Auburn
5. (3) Ole Miss at (24) LSU
6. (1) Mississippi State at Kentucky


Taylor Venema (38-10, overall, 4-2 last week):
1. West Virginia – I like Trickett and White to have another huge day.
2. Arizona – I think that the Coug defense may not be very good.
3. Utah – so far USC has been great at playing to the level of their competition, and Utah’s got too good a defense to get away with that.
4. Auburn – in a rout.
5. Ole Miss – Miles finds a way to make it weird but that defense reigns supreme.
6. Mississippi State – also in a rout, killing Kentucky’s already-longshot hopes at effing up the SEC West.

Chris Hatch (30-18 overall, 3-3 last week):
1. Holgerson and his fridge full of Red Bull (*Author’s note: that’s seriously a thing. Google it.) will prevail. Tricket throws for NFL Blitz numbers and Mike Gundy shouts a bunch. WVU wins.
2. Because: the Pirate will prevail and I can’t stop with alliteration.
3. Utah Wins. I’m still not sold on either of these teams, but I figure that the Utes at home will pull out a tight one.
4. Auburn wins. The Old Ball Coach is going to be doing some visor-tossing in this one.
5. Ole Miss. I’m still not convinced that they’re fully the real deal, here, but I am not impressed with LSU this year.
6. State continues to have the most important Mississippi-related football story since some kid on a playground decided you had to say the whole State name 5 times before rushing the quarterback

Derek Hernandez (29-19 overall, 3-3 last week):
1. Okie Lite
2. Zona
3. Utah
4. Auburn
5. Ole Miss
6. MSU

Danny Troutman (29-19 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. West Virginia – coin flip game here.  I’ll take WVU in this one, though
2. Arizona – No Mike Leach victory here
3. Utah – cause F*ck USC
4. Auburn – South Carolina’s no match here
5. Ole Miss – LSU drops out of the ratings after this one.
6. Mississippi State – Too easy

Anthony Amico (28-20 overall, 3-3 last week):
1. Oklahoma State
2. Arizona
3. Auburn
4. Ole Miss
5. USC
6. Miss State

Brian Brashaw (27-21 overall, 3-3 last week):
1. Okie state – The big dozen continues to torpedo itself into obscurity.
2. Zona – Wazzu sucks out loud.
3. USC – Hate em, but they are just better.
4. Auburn – Spurrier cries.
5. Ole Miss – Rebels rebel as new king of SEC.
6. Miss St – Why is this game on the list? Freebie!

Tim Freburg (23-25 overall, 1-5 last week):
West Virginia – This one’s a coin flip.
2. Arizona – Not so much of a coin flip.
3. USC – Trojans take care of business on the road.
4. Auburn – Can’t deny that a SC upset would be hilarious. I just don’t think it’ll happen.
5. LSU – They can’t lose all of their big games at home, can they? I’m thinking upset.
6. Mississippi State – Yep.

Here were last week’s games and the rankings for NCB’s championship through week 8.

1. (14) Kansas St at (11) Oklahoma
2. (21) Texas A&M at (7) Alabama
3. (10) Georgia at Arkansas
4. (15) Oklahoma St at (12) TCU
5. (5) Notre Dame at (2) Florida St
6. (23) Stanford at (17) Arizona St

1. Taylor Venema (38-10, 4-2). Picked K State, Alabama, Arkansas, TCU, Florida State, Stanford.
2. Chris Hatch (30-18, 3-3). Picked Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Georgia, OK State, Florida State, AZ State.
3. Derek Hernandez (29-19, 3-3). Picked Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, TCU, Florida State, Stanford.
3. Danny Troutman (29-19, 4-2). Picked Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, TCU, Florida State, Stanford.
5. Anthony Amico (28-20, 3-3). Picked Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, TCU, Notre Dame, Stanford.
6. Brian Brashaw (27-21, 3-3). Picked Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, TCU, Notre Dame, Stanford.
7. Tim Freburg (23-25, 1-5). Picked Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, OK State, Notre Dame, Stanford.

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