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Pick 6 – Week 8 (College Edition)

This is the eighth edition of the 2014 ‘Pick 6′ feature, where our staff makes their picks for 6 of the top games of the week.  Plenty of ranked vs. ranked matchups this week, some of which will definitely affect the playoff.  Here’s this week’s games:

1. (14) Kansas St at (11) Oklahoma
2. (21) Texas A&M at (7) Alabama
3. (10) Georgia at Arkansas
4. (15) Oklahoma St at (12) TCU
5. (5) Notre Dame at (2) Florida St
6. (23) Stanford at (17) Arizona St


Classic Troll Job by Notre Dame

Taylor Venema (34-8, overall, 6-0 last week):
1. Kansas State – the Wildcats are really good at getting opponents to play their game, but I worry if they’ll score enough points. If Trevor Knight is reverting to his old turnover-y self, it’s a lock. (Plus I called this preseason so I have to stick to my guns.)
2. Alabama – a nice cushy A&M defense is exactly the medicine Amari Cooper and Co. need to get back on track.
3. Arkansas – I wouldn’t pick the SEC East against the Sun Belt at this point.
4. TCU – they bounce back against a Pokes team that hasn’t looked complete yet.
5. FSU – The Noles struggle offensively but frustrate Golson into a long night.
6. Stanford – I should have learned my lesson picking the Sun Devils in high profile games a long time ago. NEVER AGAIN.

Chris Hatch (27-15 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. Oklahoma. Bobby Stoops gives Bill Snyder a bitter taste of defeat to go with his daily Metamucil and Men’s 50+ vitamin cocktail.
2. Texas A&M. And it will be Kiffin’s fault.
3. Georgia. With Gurley. Without Gurley. Arkansas is the football team equivalent of their head coach shirtless.
4. OK State. I’m not a believer in TCU or their defensive coordinator, Dick Bumpas. (*Author’s note: Dick Bumpas? Dick Bumpas.) I just like referencing the best name in college football coaching.
5. Florida State. Liveskrong.
6. Arizona State. One school creates the hyper-sexualized, pervy, dating apps. The other school populates them.

Derek Hernandez (26-16 overall, 2-4 last week):
1. OU
2. Bama
3. Arkansas
4. TCU
5. FSU
6. Stanford

…and Taylor is obviously cheating.

Anthony Amico (25-17 overall, 2-4 last week):
1. Oklahoma
2. Bama
3. Georgia
4. TCU
5. Golden Domers!
6. Stanford

Danny Troutman (25-17 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. Oklahoma – After a loss and a way-to-close Texas game, OU rebounds and beats K-State convincingly.  And Katy Perry celebrates.
2. Alabama – A&M will lose 2 in a row and Alabama will back in their regular form after last week’s close one with the Pigs.
3. Georgia – I picked against them last week when Gurley was announced out.  I won’t do it again this week.
4. TCU – They looked great in the upset over OU and in the close one against Baylor.  Their offense seems ridiculous.  They win big.
5. Florida St – This is one of those games where I wish the stadium would just collapse and nobody would win.  Florida St. takes it though, with a small margin of victory.  They tend to win by not as much as they should every week, and this will be no exception.  The spread is -12.0 as I wrote this, and I don’t think they cover.
6. Stanford – I think they win easily in this one.

Brian Brashaw (24-18 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
3. Georgia
4. TCU
5. Notre Dame – please!
6. Stanford

Tim Freburg (22-20 overall, 3-3 last week):
1. Oklahoma – My Big XII picks aren’t going well… But I’m saying the Sooners take this one at home.
2. Alabama – Feels like there might be a little urgency in Tuscaloosa. Bama wins at home.
3. Arkansas – Upset time!
4. Oklahoma State – I think TCU has a little post-loss hangover and drops this one to the Pokes.
5. Notre Dame – Can both of these teams lose? No? Then I think the Irish surprise FSU.
6. Stanford – Just to pick three home teams and three road teams.

Here were last week’s games and the rankings for NCB’s championship through week 7.

1. (13) Georgia at (23) Missouri
2. USC at (10) Arizona
3. (9) TCU at (5) Baylor
4. (2) Auburn at (3) Mississippi St
5. (12) Oregon at (18) UCLA
6. (3) Ole Miss at (14) Texas A&M

1. Taylor Venema (34-8, 6-0). Picked Georgia, USC, Baylor, MSU, Oregon, Ole Miss.
2. Chris Hatch (27-15, 4-2). Picked Georgia, Arizona, Baylor, Auburn, Oregon, Ole Miss.
3. Derek Hernandez (26-16, 2-4). Picked Georgia, Arizona, Baylor, Auburn, UCLA, Texas A&M.
4. Anthony Amico (25-17, 2-4). Picked Missouri, Arizona, Baylor, Auburn, Oregon, Texas A&M.
4 . Danny Troutman (25-17, 4-2). Picked Missouri, USC, Baylor, MSU, Oregon, Texas A&M.
6. Brian Brashaw (24-18, 4-2). Picked Georgia, Arizona, Baylor, Auburn, Oregon, Ole Miss.
7. Tim Freburg (22-20, 3-3). Picked Georgia, Arizona, Baylor, Auburn, Oregon, Texas A&M.

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