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Pick 6 – Week 7 (College Edition)

This is the seventh edition of the 2014 ‘Pick 6′ feature, where our staff makes their picks for 6 of the top games of the week.  Here’s this week’s games:

1. (13) Georgia at (23) Missouri
2. USC at (10) Arizona
3. (9) TCU at (5) Baylor
4. (2) Auburn at (3) Mississippi St
5. (12) Oregon at (18) UCLA
6. (3) Ole Miss at (14) Texas A&M


Taylor Venema (28-8, overall, 3-3 last week):
1. Georgia – Mizzou has struggled to get to where they are and they haven’t faced an offense like Georgia’s.
2. USC – Because the Pac-12 South is sheer chaos. Arizona held on through a few close wins, and I think USC does them in.
3. Baylor – So far this season I’m more impressed with the Bears’ defense than their offense . . . and I think TCU lets down a bit after last week’s huge win.
4. Mississippi State – Auburn was one of my preseason playoff teams but they haven’t gotten the offense clicking as well as I thought, though they’re playing really solid defense. But Mississippi State already beat a team with a solid offense (A&M) AND defense (LSU).
5. Oregon – what happens when a stoppable force meets a movable object?
6. Ole Miss – I ragged on them for not being any good last week’s Pick 6, so here’s me completely reversing my stance.

Derek Hernandez (24-12 overall, 3-3 last week):
1. Georgia
2. Arizona
3. Baylor
4. Auburn
6. A&M

Anthony Amico (23-13 overall, 3-3 last week):
1. Mizzou
2. Arizona
3. Baylor
4. Auburn
5. Oregon
6. A&M

Chris Hatch (23-13 overall, 1-5 last week):
1. To quote Field Mob and Ludacris, “We on the grind in… Georgia, all the time, it ain’t, nothin on my mind but…Georgia”
2. RichRod continues to impress despite one potential iteration of his name legitimately being DickRod. Zona with the “W”.
3. Baylor. I’m a big believer in Bryce Petty. I don’t believe in the Horned Frogs and their hopping (see what I did there? Thank you very, much. I’ll be here all Internet.) from barely in the top-25 to a top-10 team.
4. Auburn. In a surprise pre-game twist a phallic-image-loving Katy Perry shows up, again, and acts completely insane. While Mississippi State fans believe this is a good omen, it turns out she is just high on very expensive bath salts and believes she is still at The Grove.
5. Oregon. Mariota can still salvage this season. Watch him put Oregon on his back.
6. Ole Miss. You beat Alabama? You’ve got a least a little respect.

Danny Troutman (21-15 overall, 0-6 last week):
1.  Mizzou – I had picked UGA, but with the announcement of Gurley-gate, they have a 3rd string freshman RB getting the start.  Don’t think the offense puts enough points on the board anymore.
2. USC – I dunno why.  USC will look as good as they did during the Stanford upset.
3. Baylor – TCU is a fluke.  Top 10, I think not.
4. Mississippi State – Auburn looks great, but Dak looks ridiculous.
5. Oregon – should destroy UCLA here.
6. Texas A&M.  I’m still not sold on Ole Miss at #3, I think Hill steps back into week 1 Kenny Hill and helps A&M win big.

Brian Brashaw (20-16 overall, 2-4 last week):
1. Georgia – Woof!
2. Arizona – We’ll see if the cats can handle Oregon & USC back to back.
3. Baylor – TCU is good, but they don’t belong in the top 10.
4. Auburn – The SEC eats itself.
5. Oregon – This will be fun
6. Ole Miss – Its their turn.

Tim Freburg (19-17 overall, 1-5 last week):
1. Georgia – In Gurley we trust?
2. Arizona – For no specific reason.
3. Baylor – TCU is riding high … but not for much longer.
4. Auburn – Eh, why not?
5. Oregon – I expect the Ducks to shake off last week’s loss.
6. Texas A&M – No idea what to expect from these teams, so I’ll go with the home one.

Here were last week’s games and the rankings for NCB’s championship through week 6.

1. (19) Nebraska at (10) Michigan State
2. (6) Texas A&M at (12) Mississippi State
3. (14) Stanford at (9) Notre Dame

4. (3) Alabama at (11) Ole Miss
5. (4) Oklahoma at (25) TCU
6. (15) LSU at (5) Auburn

1. Taylor Venema (28-8, 3-3) Picked Michigan St, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Alabama, Oklahoma, Auburn.
2. Derek Hernandez (24-12, 3-3).  Picked Michigan St, Mississippi St, Stanford, Alabama, Oklahoma, Auburn.
3. Anthony Amico (23-13, 3-3).  Picked Michigan St, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Alabama, Oklahoma, Auburn.
3. Chris Hatch (23-13, 1-5).  Picked Nebraska, Texas A&M, Stanford, Alabama, OklahomaAuburn.
5. Danny Troutman (21-15, 0-6).  Picked Nebraska, Texas A&M, Stanford, Alabama, Oklahoma, LSU.
6. Brian Brashaw (20-16, 2-4) Picked Nebraska, Mississippi St, Notre Dame, Alabama, Oklahoma, LSU.
7. Tim Freburg (19-17, 1-5).  Picked Nebraska, Texas A&M, Stanford, Alabama, OklahomaAuburn.

image h/t: Chris Morris for ESPN

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