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Pick 6 – Week 5 (College Edition)

This is the fifth edition of the 2014 ‘Pick 6′ feature, where our staff makes their picks for 6 of the top games of the week.  Conference play is finally starting across the country.  The time we’ve all been waiting for where half the teams are done playing scrubs and nobodies.  There are some great games this weekend.  Should be an exciting week 5.  Here’s this week’s games:

1. (11) UCLA at (15) Arizona state
2. Arkansas vs (6) Texas A&M [at AT&T in Arlington, TX]
3. Missouri at (13) South Carolina
4. Minnesota at Michigan
5. (16) Stanford at Washington
6. Tennessee at (12) Georgia

Taylor Venema (20-4 overall, 5-1 last week):
1. Arizona State – even without Taylor Kelly. ASU’s salty at home, especially on Thursday nights, and I think this is the game where UCLA finally breaks.
2. A&M – These two offenses vs these two defenses? They might break the scoreboard.
3. Missouri – Plenty of A&M and East Carolina film out there for Mizzou to study, and the SEC East continues to make itself look terrible. Also, is it just me or does South Carolina NEVER play a road game?
4. Minnesota – ‘Rines falling apart, man.
5. Stanford – I’m not sold on either team, but Stanford has at least looked good in victory. Washington’s just been ugly.
6. Georgia – In a close one I like the team that has Todd Gurley on it.

Chris Hatch (18-6 overall, 6-0 last week):
1. Arizona State. At home. ASU prevails at home under a haze of evaporating tanning oils and amidst a swarm of tribal arm tats being raised in triumph in the student section. Also, is anyone else super excited for Todd Graham’s tiny little motivational-speaker-mic headset tonight?
2. A&M. After the game Bret Bielema and Jerry Jones will probably be spotted riding on hogs and taking ill-advised cellphone pics with young women.
3. Missouri. I’m not a believer in the Cocks this year. Just google “Cocks” and you’ll see some stunning statistics supporting the fact that I’m not sold on South Carolina. Also, if you just did that, you’re an idiot.
4. If two crappy teams meet in an empty stadium does it make a noise? Michigan wins and Brady Hoke finds himself pining for a Live-‘NSync-Dancebreak-sized headset like Todd Graham.
5. Stanford wins. Grounding and pounding and then going back to the classrooms to hopefully figure out a way to pull us out of economic crisis. In fact, skip the game, smart guys. Hit the books. Quick.
6. Gurleygurleygurleygurley. Georiga wins behind the second best running back in the nation. Tennessee continues to stumble their way around the SEC while Mark Richt continues to look like he just dropped half his gigantic salary on the “Deluxe Mega Uber Bronzer” package at a local Athens tanning salon.

Derek Hernandez (17-7 overall, 5-1 last week):
1. ASU…IF Taylor Kelly is fully healthy.
2. A&M…Arkansas isn’t as terrible as they were last year, but Kenny Trill will continue to put up gaudy numbers in this game.
3. USCe…if Missouri thought Indiana was tough when they played in Columbia North, wait until they go to Columbia South to take on the Cocks.
4. Minny…the wheels are coming off completely for Hoke’s bunch.
5. Stanford – Chris Peterson’s transition is coming along very slowly and Stanford’s physical o-line will cause the Husky D big problems.
6. UGA. This one’s going to be close, but Georgia is too experienced to lose to the young but talented Vols.

Danny Troutman (16-8 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. UCLA big.  They haven’t played that well yet, but I think they blow up this week.
2. Texas A&M – Kenny Hill continues to post Heisman caliber numbers in a slaughtering of Arkansas.
3. Missouri – Upset special this week.  I’m still not sold on South Carolina.
4. Michigan – I’d like to say Minnesota, but I don’t think it’ll happen.
5. Stanford – Wins easily here.
6. Georgia – Gurley once again puts this one on his back and leads UGA to the win.

Anthony Amico (16-8 overall, 5-1 last week):
2. A&M
3. South Carolina
4. Michigan
5. Stanford
6. Georgia

Brian Brashaw (15-9 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. ASU – UCLA had been living on the edge this season. The week they fall.
2. A&M- But Arkansas is better than you think.
3. South Carolina – Only cuz they are at home.
4. Michigan – Bounce back
5. Stanford – Washington isn’t great, but Peterson will get them there.
6. Georgia – Cuz they lose when i pick them.

Tim Freburg (14-10 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. Arizona State – I give them the win thanks to home-field advantage and UCLA’s struggles.
2. Texas A&M – Arkansas looks improved, but not THAT improved.
3. Missouri – Despite a loss to Indiana — wow! — I think Mizzou recovers and takes this one.
4. Michigan – It’s almost a must-win, bizarre as that sounds. I expect the Wolverines to finally show something positive.
5. Stanford – Yep.
6. Georgia – Home game, and in Gurley we trust.

Here were last week’s games and the rankings for NCB’s championship through week 4.

1. (22) Clemson at (1) Florida St
2. Miami at (24) Nebraska
3. Florida at (3) Alabama
4. Virginia at (21) BYU
5. Mississippi St at (8) LSU
6. (5) Auburn at (20) Kansas St

1. Taylor Venema (20-4, 5-1) still in 1st.  Picked Florida St, Nebraska, Alabama, BYU, LSU, Auburn.
2. Chris Hatch (18-6, 6-0).  Picked Florida St, Nebraska, Alabama, BYU, Mississippi St, Auburn.
3. Derek Hernandez (17-7, 5-1).  Picked Florida St, Miami, Alabama, BYU, Mississippi St, Auburn.
4. Danny Troutman (16-8, 4-2).  Picked Florida St, Nebraska, Alabama, Virginia, LSU, Auburn.
4. Anthony Amico (16-8, 5-1).  Picked Florida St, Nebraska, Alabama, BYU, LSU, Auburn.
6. Brian Brashaw (15-9, 4-2) Picked Florida St, Nebraska, Alabama, BYU, LSU, Kansas St.
7. Tim Freburg (14-10, 4-2).  Picked Clemson, Nebraska, Alabama, BYU, LSU, Auburn.

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