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Pick 6 – Week 3 (College Edition)

This is the third edition of the 2014 ‘Pick 6′ feature, where our staff makes their picks for 6 of the top games of the week.  Not too many great ones this week.  Conference play can’t get here soon enough.  But until then, here’s this weeks games:

1. (6) Georgia at (24) South Carolina
2. Tennessee at (4) Oklahoma
3. (12) UCLA at Texas [AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX]
4. Nebraska at Fresno St.
5. (21) Louisville at Virginia
6. Arkansas at Texas Tech


Anthony Amico:
1. Georgia
2. Oklahoma
4. Nebraska
5. Louisville
6. Texas Tech

Brian Brashaw:
1. Georgia – Because South Carolina’s defense is full of Gurley men.
2. Oklahoma – Peyton Manning will cry, like he did against Nebraska.
3. UCLA – Bruins haven’t lived up to the hype, but Tuck Fexas.
4. Nebraska – Fresno is bordering Sad Seven territory.
5. Virginia – Dunno why.
6. Arkansas – This will be Bielema’s first good win.

Chris Hatch:
1. UGA, the University of Gurley Ass-kicking. Has there ever been a dude who has a name less-suited to his style of play? Also, get ready for some visor-tossing, drawl-swearing from the Old Ball Coach during this game.
2. The Sooners roll. Hard. Bob Stoops continues to look amazing in September games.
3. UCLA. And I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching Texas get their multi-million dollar a$$es kicked. Did you see the BYU game?!?!? Did. You. See. It? It was the only thing capable of making me smile after the Huskers narrowly escaping with their lives against an FCS team.
4. The Huskers win. And should win convincingly. Not because they’re that good, but because Fresno is that not good.
5. Bobby Pervtrino continues to roll. Kind of a lousy week, compared to last week. It’s no wonder Gameday is going to a state with a population as big as Ohio State’s stadium.
6. Texas Tech. Kliff Kingsbury, and his fake watch, are too much for Brett Bielema and his Hogs. Can we start a countdown until Bielema gets canned now? Or should we wait until just a little—screw it: T-Minus 1 month until Bielema’s on the hoggy hot seat.

Danny Troutman:
1. Georgia – Despite the big drop off from preseason rankings that the other USC has gone through, I think they’re still overrated. And the Gurley-man is still doing things even Ahhhnold would be impressed with.
2. Oklahoma – won’t cover Vegas’ 20.5 points though.
3. UCLA – The tale of the overrated team that will beat the team that is just god-awful. No matter how many times Texas loses, it will make me happy forever. Kind of like when Colorado has only won 8 games in 3 years in the Pac 12.
4. Nebraska – The ‘skers will be fired up and angry after last week’s sh*tshow against McFleese State. They’ll put up a ton of points and halfway convince Husker nation that the world’s not coming to an end. Fresno’s run defense is among the worst in the country and Abdullah will run for 200+ again. #FearAmeer
5. Virginia – Gonna go with the upset here against Petrino’s bunch. Just feelin’ this one.
6. Texas Tech – Kingsbury’s wowed the pants off enough recruit’s moms that they’ve got some good ballplayers on this team. They’re not great, but then again, neither is Arkansas. One Auburn player was actually quoted as saying that San Jose State played them tougher than Arkansas did week 1.

Derek Hernandez:
1. The DAWGS in a wild one. Life without Connor Shaw and losing all that defensive experience will make this a long year for the Cocks.
2. OU…barely. Butch Jones has the Vols going in the right direction, but the Sooners have too many weapons on offense for UT.
3. The Bruins finally look impressive against a team that makes everybody look impressive.
4. Huskers. Before the season I said Nebraska would lose to either Miami or FSU. That doesn’t sound so crazy now, but I think the Huskers eek out a win.
5. The Ville. Bobby’s boys are starting to pick up his offensive scheme and the Charlie Strong leftovers on D are aggressive.

Taylor Venema:
1. Georgia – SC’s defense hasn’t quite looked the part so far. Gurley should have another big day.
2. Oklahoma – by a landslide.
3. UCLA – neither team has really met expectations so far, but at least UCLA is winning. That defense should make short work of an offense that can barely tie its shoes.
4. Nebraska – I’d be more worried about this game for Nebraska if Fresno State hadn’t looked so very bad in its first two outings.
5. Virginia – The Cav’s D looked the part against UCLA, I like this as an upset.
6. Arkansas – Can’t believe I’m choosing Bret Beliema over Kliff Kingsbury, but the Red Raiders haven’t exactly looked great yet against Central Arkansas and UTEP.

Tim Freburg:
1. Georgia – In Gurley we trust.
2. Oklahoma – Sounds like things are looking up for Tennessee, but I can’t see them making this jump, especially on the road.
3. UCLA – Made the mistake of picking Texas last week. Whoops.
4. Nebraska – Even on the road, there’s no excuse for dropping a game against a team that’s given up 111 points in two games.
5. Louisville – Hop on ol’ Petrino’s motorcycle ride, Cavaliers.
6. Texas Tech – Kingsbury > Bielema

Here were last week’s games and the rankings for NCB’s championship through week 2.

1. (8) Michigan St. at (3) Oregon
2. (15) USC at (11) Stanford
3. Michigan at (17) Notre Dame
4. Virginia Tech at (5) Ohio St.
5. (24) Missouri at Toledo
6. BYU at Texas

1. Taylor Venema (10-2) still leading the pack.  Picked Oregon, Stanford, ND, Ohio St, Missouri and BYU.
2. Chris Hatch (9-3).  Picked Oregon, Stanford, ND, VA Tech, Missouri and Texas.
3. Anthony Amico (8-4).  Picked Oregon, Stanford, ND, Ohio StToledo and BYU.
3. Danny Troutman (8-4).  Picked Michigan St, Stanford, ND, Ohio St, Missouri, BYU.
3. Derek Hernandez (8-4).  Picked Michigan St, Stanford, ND, Ohio St, Missouri, BYU.
6. Tim Freburg (7-5).  Picked Michigan St, Stanford, ND, Ohio St, Missouri, Texas.
7. Brian Brashaw (6-6) with a .500 record.  Picked Oregon, Stanford, ND, Ohio St, Missouri, Texas.

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