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Pick 6 – Week 11 (College Edition)

This is the eleventh edition of the 2014 ‘Pick 6′ feature, where our staff makes their picks for 6 of the top games of the week.  Lots of ranked vs. ranked matchups this week, with several having huge playoff implications.  Here’s this week’s games:

1. (12) Baylor at (15) Oklahoma
2. (10) Notre Dame at (9) Arizona State
3. (7) Kansas St at (6) TCU
4. (14) Ohio St at (8) Michigan St
5. (5) Alabama at (16) LSU
6. (4) Oregon at (17) Utah


Taylor Venema (47-13, overall, 4-2 last week):
1. Baylor – the Sooners are starting to look more like what I think most of us expected.
2. Arizona State – having Taylor Kelly back has made a world of difference for the Sun Devils.
3. Kansas State – WVa slowed down the Frogs last week and I think the wizard pulls off another one.
4. Michigan State – Buckeyes’ inconsistencies play right into Sparty’s strengths.
5. LSU – Bama already passed through one meat grinder this season (Arkansas) and did not look good in the process.
6. Oregon – they’re back to full speed now. If Stanford couldn’t slow them down no one else in the Pac 12 will.

Chris Hatch (38-22 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. Bryce Petty and the Heartbreakers win. Stoops is free. . . free-falling! (*Author’s note: somebody cue the Tom Cruise Jerry Maguire version!)
2. Notre Dame. I feel strange in that I’m kind of on the Notre Dame bandwagon. Somehow. And I’ve brought my rain coat to avoid the torrential lisp-downpour that soaks any fans that are this close to Lou Holtz.
3. K-State. However the real winner will be old dudes who will feel vindicated when someone with a khaki’d waistline as high as their own gets another big “W”.
4. Ohio State. Because that’s exactly how the Big Ten would roll, shooting itself in the foot and letting Urb get his way again. Although I’m betting Myer has an order already placed at Papa John’s for this one. Just in case.
5. Alabama. Unfortunately. I’d love for LSU to prove me wrong.
6. Oregon wins. Mariota continues to freaking roll.

Danny Troutman (38-22 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. Baylor
2. ASU – Just can’t stand picking ND.
3. TCU – They’ve showed up out of nowhere, scoring gobs of points too.  I think they’re too much for K State, especially at home.
4. Michigan State – This would both benefit Nebraska and upset Urban Meyer.  Both of which I’m a fan of.
5. Alabama – LSU has been confusing this year.  Don’t think they pull off another upset though.
6. Oregon – Just too good.  Don’t think Utah’s quite ready yet.

Derek Hernandez (37-23 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. Baylor
2. ASU
3. TCU
4. Michigan St
5. LSU
6. Oregon

Anthony Amico (34-26 overall, 3-3 last week):
1. Baylor
2. ND
3. TCU
4. Michigan St
5. Bama
6. Oregon

Brian Brashaw (34-26 overall, 4-2 last week):
1. Baylor
2. Notre Dame
3. TCU
4. Ohio State
5. Bama
6. Oregon

Tim Freburg (33-27 overall, 5-1 last week):
1. Baylor – Just like last season, Bears top the Sooners.
2. Notre Dame – I saw Bruce Feldman tweet that ND always struggles after playing Navy. So, given my knack for bad picks, I have to go with them.
3. TCU – A coin flip, in my mind. I’ll give it to the home team.
4. Michigan State – No way Dantonio lets OSU march through their backyard in a moment like this.
5. Alabama – Yeah…
6. Oregon – I think Oregon goes crazy on the road.

Here were last week’s games and the rankings for NCB’s championship through week 10:

1. (2) Florida St. at Louisville
2. (7) TCU at (20) West Virginia
3. Stanford at (5) Oregon
4. (12) Arizona at (22) UCLA
5. (17) Utah at (14) Arizona St.
6. (3) Auburn at (4) Ole Miss

1. Taylor Venema (47-13, 4-2). Picked Florida St, TCU, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Auburn.
2. Chris Hatch (38-22, 4-2). Picked Florida St, West Virginia, Oregon, Arizona, ASU, Auburn.
2. Danny Troutman (38-22, 4-2). Picked Florida St, TCU, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Auburn.
4. Derek Hernandez (37-23, 4-2). Picked Florida St, TCU, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Auburn.
5. Anthony Amico (34-26, 3-3). Picked Louisville, TCU, Oregon, Arizona, ASU, Ole Miss.
5. Brian Brashaw (34-26, 4-2). Picked Florida St, TCU, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Auburn.
7. Tim Freburg (33-27, 5-1). Picked Florida St, TCU, Oregon, Arizona, ASU, Auburn.

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