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Pick 6 Champion Crowned!

The College Football version of Pick 6 is in the books.  After a long and winding, sometimes crazy season, we have a winner.  So without further adieu, I present to you….

Taylor Venema!!!! (clap clap clap)

 Taylor - Crown

Taylor pretty well dominated the competition from week 1.  In fact, there wasn’t a single week all season that he wasn’t in 1st place.  The rest of us were just competing for 2nd all year.

As his award, we over here at NCB presented Taylor with a crown and championship belt.  Now it may look like this picture was taken 2 years ago at a waffle house and the plate of waffles was actually photoshopped over with a championship wrestling belt that I found on the internet.  But rest assured that’s definitely not the case.  He was definitely (author’s note: no he wasn’t) presented with this belt and crown at a waffle house just this week.

On behalf of the NCB team and all the handfuls or dozens of people that followed along this football season – Congratulations.



Here were last week’s games and the rankings for NCB’s championship through conference championship weekend:

1. Louisiana Tech vs. (24) Marshall
2. Fresno St vs. (23) Boise St
3. (11) Arizona vs (2) Oregon
4. (1) Alabama vs. (17) Missouri
5. (3) Florida St vs. (16) Georgia Tech
6. (14) Wisconsin vs. (6) Ohio St

1. Taylor Venema (66-24, 4-2). Picked Marshall, Boise, Oregon, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin.
2. Danny Troutman (58-32, 2-4). Picked LA Tech, Fresno St, Arizona, Missouri, FSU, OSU.
3. Chris Hatch (57-33, 6-0). Picked Marshall, Boise, Oregon, Alabama, FSU, OSU.
3. Anthony Amico (55-35, 4-2). Picked Marshall, Boise, Oregon, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin.
3. Brian Brashaw (55-35, 4-2). Picked Marshall, Boise, Oregon, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin.
6. Derek Hernandez (55-35, 5-1). Picked Marshall, Boise, Oregon, Alabama, Georgia Tech, OSU.
7. Tim Freburg (51-39, 5-1). Picked Marshall, Boise, Oregon, Alabama, FSU, Wisconsin.

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