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Path to Victory: Nebraska vs Oregon

The winning streak continues for Nebraska as the Huskers were able to corral the Wyoming Cowboys last weekend.  The Husker offense wasn’t as sharp as we’ve ever seen even with a more balanced approach but the defense came out guns blazing.  Wyoming was able to keep the game close for three quarters behind the arm of Josh Allen but were ultimately done-in by that same arm.  Allen ended the game with five interceptions, as well as a Cowboy fumble, that put the team too far behind Nebraska and ended their upset bid early in the 4th quarter.

Nebraska had a somewhat sloppy performance offense which included a bad interception by quarterback Tommy Armstrong and more personal foul penalties one of which negated a touchdown.  The Huskers have won comfortably twice, despite their mistakes, but I’m guessing that won’t…fly…against the Oregon Ducks on Saturday.  Oregon boasts a frenetic and also exceptional offense that is known throughout college football as a force to be reckoned with.  They also, I’m told, have a defense.  What do the Huskers have to do improve to 3-0 against a high-powered Oregon team?

Contain the Rolls Royce

Many fans think that Oregon’s high-powered offense is predicated on a robust passing game.  While that is a byproduct, Oregon wants to run the ball.  Supremely talented running back Royce Freeman has already rushed for 294 yards and four touchdowns in just two games.  Couple that with his 9.2 yards per carry and you can see the danger. Nebraska can’t stop him but they have to find a way to slow him down.

Take the Ball, Keep the Ball

As in don’t have too many on offense and get a bunch on defense.  Nebraska is +7 in turnover margin through two games (it took them seven games to get as many takeaways last year).  Nebraska is already at a slight disadvantage on offensive  talent but they can keep themselves in the game by winning the turnover battle.

Cover the Receivers

Simple, right?  Nebraska’s defense has been much better against the pass this season but still gives receivers a lot of room on some plays.  Husker coverage will have to stay tight and not give up too many big plays to allow themselves a chance to win the game.

A big game from safety Nate Gerry will help the Huskers' chances.

A big game from safety Nate Gerry will help the Huskers’ chances.

Three Guarantees

  • The fact that Mike Riley and company have lost to Oregon 7 times in a row will get mentioned by the broadcast crew. A lot.
  • Most Husker fans will be watching the game like this. 
  • POINTS!!!!!!!

Final Score

Oregon 32 – Nebraska 42

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