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Path to Victory: Nebraska vs Ohio State

Uuuuuggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Last week was a rough one.  After tying the game at 17 against Wisconsin on a great pick-six by safety Aaron Williams, Nebraska’s defense completely fell apart. Suddenly, Wisconsin was able to hunker down and run right through, not at, not over, *through* Nebraska’s defense to end the game with a 38-17 finish. The Husker offense wasn’t able to help out much, either, only scoring 10 points.  Also there was another Tanner Lee pick-six. So far, that’s the most effective play in Nebraska’s playbook. Turnovers, missed tackles, penalties.  Ah, Husker football circa 2004-2017. They can’t seem to get out of their own way. So, who’s in town this week?

Oh, good. THE Ohio State University.

I’m going to jump right into the breakdown because, let’s be honest, Nebraska is a 25-point underdog and really has to play almost perfectly to win this game.  However, I do think Wisconsin is a better team than The Ohio State right now.  Where El Ohio State has the advantage is athleticism at every single position on the field.  So, while Wisconsin wins by not hurting themselves, the Buckeyes can overcome a lot just by being faster and stronger than the other team.

Tackle Good

Unlike my grammar, Nebraska’s tackling needs to be excellent on Saturday night.  La Ohio State has tremendous speed and Nebraska’s defense will be put in a lot of 1-on-1 situations in the open field.  The Huskers need to use both arms to wrap up the ball carrier to try and limit big plays by Das Ohio State’s skill players.

No Turnovers

None, zilch, nada.  Nebraska can’t afford to give the Buckeyes any free drives on offense.  Frankly, the defense might need to score in this game for Nebraska to win.  I’ll even buy every player a sandwich if Nebraska can get out with no turnovers.  (JK NCAA, don’t @ me.)

Urban Meyer for the 3rd time ever?

Stay Patient

This is for the offense, specifically offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf.  Use the plays your team can execute well.  If I hear “the play was there” after a turnover or busted play again I am just gonna snap. Know what your team can do on offense and stick to it.  Having running back Mikale Wilbon back this week will help the running back rotation.  Also of note, Quod Ohio State’s defensive line has 8 legitimate NFL players so don’t put Tanner Lee in a position where he’s constantly dropping back against these guys.

Three Stats

  • 1 – Number of interceptions thrown by その Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett this season.
  • 42-2 – Urban Meyer’s record in Big Ten conference games.
  • 510 – Receiving yards for Stanley Morgan this season.

Three Guarantees

  • Not a repeat of the post-game rant from the last time Ohio State was in town.
  • 45 pass attempts from Tanner Lee
  • Me, head down, with a warm half-empty Old Style in my hand when the clock hits 0:00.

Prediction –

Nebraska 10 – The Ohio State 32

Nebraska beats the spread.  Victory!

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