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Oregon Football Receipt is Perfect Example of Program’s Exorbitant Spending Habits

Recently, the University of Oregon’s Athletic department has come under fire in both local and national media outlets for their spending habits. In spite of being the richest athletic department in the United States — due in large part to their sugar daddy, Phil Knight — the Oregon athletic department is claiming that their $98 million in revenue is all going towards their $98 million in expenses.

So, how does an athletic department spend $98,000,000 in a paltry 365 days?  We here at No Coast Bias were able to obtain a receipt that sheds light on the over-the-top spending habits of an athletic department that is hell-bent on spending their entire profit so they don’t have to share a dime with the academic side of things at their school.

It’s the receipt from a local sporting goods store and it has some telling purchases.  Take a look.




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