THE Ohio State Marching Band Has an Epic Trailer For Upcoming Season


We were totally waiting for a Transformer to come out of nowhere while we were watching this ridiculously epic trailer for Ohio State’s marching band’s upcoming season. Well, that and some sort of sexualized innuendo at the very end.

Now pick up your feet, turn your corners square, and drive drive drive!



  1. TBDBITL highlights amazingly are from under who’s directorship??? Takes a lot of nerve to use him in your trailer OSU after dragging his name through the mud! Give him his job back!

  2. Just an observation – why wouldn’t you have the band music in their own video? I could take cat videos, sync them to the same tune and call the video “epic.” The visuals are great – but a true reflection of the band would be to take their own music and make it look/sound just as good. THAT would be EPIC.

  3. Hmmm, effective video, but the audio is an electronic orchestra and vocal. Interesting sounds for a band trailer. Kind of like watching a video of a biplane flyover with the roar of the Blue Angles dubbed in for the soundtrack.

  4. I with millions of other fans believe Jon Waters should be reinstated as the Director of the Ohio State Marching Band. I do not believe the new President has been with Ohio State long enough to make this kind of decision! PLEASE reinstate Jone Waters for the position he has excelled in for more than two years. I am sooooo sorry that you have decided to fire him for something that’s been going on with the band for a lot of years!! PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!

  5. We need to bring Waters back to the band leadership.. Tell the higher ups to get their broomsticks outa their asses and end this witch hunt! Reinstate Waters to his deserved position at the head of the TBDBITL

  6. IMHO…..The best protest to the firing would be to have one player come running out onto the field, play the star spangled banner and leave the field. Then one drummer play half time. And no music during the game. Would be great if other schools bands would join the protest. As in have a band face off outside the stadium but not on the field.

    • Unfortunately marching band is a class you take as a student. If they don’t follow the band leadership directions they would fail. Your idea would have to be endorsed by the interim director. Drake is the mistake they need to undo.

  7. No matter what has happened, this is still the best band ever. It makes my heart go pitty-pat to watch them, even if the background music isn’t their own. Love TBDBITL and always will.

  8. If Drake doesn’t want to associate with Dr. Waters, then my suggestion is to leave. I, along with many other alumni would welcome his departure and the return of Waters to his leadership position in TBDBITL!!!!

  9. Yet the Athletic Director still has his job, do I have to remind you of tattoo gate? Drake needs to get out of Columbus

    • Sorry…OSU has the best band in the world. I have watched lots of games with lots of bands and WV would not even be my second choice.

  10. Ohio State MB is fantastic. As a former marching band member(not Ohio), I really appreciate the time and practice and dedication needed to put on a show. I have absolutely loved the shows put up on UTube. Now for my 1 complaint. The band they named the world’s worst is not. I have seen worse. Even as a joke it is not nice. Our local schools are constantly cutting programs and music is always at the top. I know a local high school band that was begging the public for used instruments just in attempt to bring back their band of yester years. It made me so sad to hear their program had been reduced to that. We need to support all music programs for they are what you will need to feed the power machine known as the Ohio State Marching Band.

  11. Yes, lets let the guy who allowed harassment and rape go on under his watch back in. Would you guys also let Paterno keep his job?

    Guy needed to go. Needs to be a complete washing out top to bottom. Leadership, members, everything. President hasn’t been in there long enough to make the decision? Why don’t you look up exactly what happened. President could have been in there one minute and still would’ve been longer than needed to kick his and anyone else who allowed that nonsense to go on.

    • Wow, your statement is so ill-informed, I don’t even know where to begin. There were never any allegations of rape. There were 2 allegations of sexual assault, both of which were handled in accordance with university policy and applicable law. Nor were there any allegations of sexual harassment; a parent had “concerns” about the culture of the band. However, in 23 pages, Mr. Glaros never once documented an actual complaint or incident of harassment. There were 9 witnesses interviewed, 4 of them current students. Three of them have now disputed the way their testimony was twisted in the report, with one alleging outright fabrication of a key point. Drake doesn’t need to go because he “hasn’t been there long enough to make this decision”. He needs to go because, presented with a document that was so blatantly written to support a preconceived conclusion, he failed to scrutinize it with a critical eye and hastily fired Waters without anything that can be reasonably described as due process. In doing so, he dragged the names of 240 musicians and staff, as well as those of 4000+ alumni, through the mud. He also has a history of arriving at poorly thought-out conclusions and making hasty, politically motivated decisions. He needs to go because he’s unfit to lead.

      As they say, you’re entitled to your opinion. You’re not, however, entitled to your own facts.

    • Chris, the rape occurred at a party off-campus and NOT at a band function. It is YOU who needs to get informed. The rape was reported to Jon Waters who took appropriate within the band. He did not cover it up – the incident was sent up his chain of command and reported to the appropriate entities. The offender was kicked out of the band, thus being removed from the presence of the victim so she could attend class in peace. Title 9 was followed TO THE LETTER. Yet somehow, 8 months later, the victim’s MOTHER files a vague complaint, Mr. Waters was not afforded due process during an investigation led by a corrupt and incompetent Office of University Compliance and (LOL!) Integrity who are accountable to no one it would seem. Try getting to know some folks in band before you start passing judgement.

      • Let’s make sure we’ve got the terminology right here, SR. Sexual assault, not rape, was the allegation (there’s a big difference). Furthermore, no charges were filed and the alleged perpetrator was kicked out of school, not just out of the band. You’re right, though, that Waters followed the law and university policy to the letter. His only misstep was the incident that occurred on the athletic band trip in which he tried to send both the alleged perpetrator and alleged victim home. It was clumsy, to be sure, but certainly didn’t rise to a level worthy of dismissal.

  12. Chris-Do you realize the rape occur
    ed at an off campus party-not at a band function. The guy was kicked out of band and the girl didn’t file a police report. What else could Jon have legally done?

  13. This is philip and debbie just give him his job back he does a good job with the band he is the best damn band in the land just give Jon his job back please is not the same give him his job back philip and debbie

  14. Does anyone know why these issues were not exposed during former band director’s term? Betting the new president gave no consideration to repercusions from firing….more intent on making strong first impression?! Sure Waters will achieve bigger and better things for whatever University is fortunate enough to hire him.

  15. I personally think the band should refuse to perform one minute, until Jon is reinstated!!! The university is going to be sorry for what they have done to him!!! So so unfair!!! 🙁

  16. The Ramp entrance at every home game should be marched in total silence…then play the National Anthem and exit…no additional pre-game.

  17. As mentioned earlier, OSUMB is a credited university class. Doing anything other than what is expected would be non-productive. What WOULD be productive, I think, would be for the people in the stadium to chant *WE WANT JON* That would present an interesting situation for those who think the matter is settled – yes?

  18. NBC has abused it’s powers and responsibility to even suggest there is a “sexualized” innuendo at the end of the OSU Marching Bands video. If this was intended as a joke I failed to find humor in it. I’m not sure any of us are in possession of all the facts which concluded with Mr. John Waters firing. It seemed rather abrupt and I do believe failed to meet basic due process guidelines.

  19. Can you guys point me to the Facebook thread this is being discussed? I’m interested as to how this particular video went viral and how it’s still netting traffic. Thanks!

  20. This video post is one year old and not pertinent to the 2015 season. As an OSU Marching Band alumnus it is not fair that you should associate the 2015 band with a sexualized culture.
    OSUMB 1957-1960

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