Offensive teams besides the Washington R&%*#@!

In the wake of the US Patent Office’s landmark decision to cancel six federal trademark registrations for the Washington Redskins, it got me thinking……What’s next?  So I decided to put together a list (in no particular order) of what’s probably next on the chopping block…

I’m going to preface this by saying that I am not a Native American and can only make assumptions as to what may or may not be offensive.

Also, this cartoon:

1) Kansas City Chiefs


No “portrait” in their logo.  Not horribly racist (I don’t think).  They do play at arrowhead.  Their mascot is a horse named warpaint.  Yes, the team is named after the guy in charge, but it’s still seen as non-representative and not an honor to Native Americans.

2) San Diego State Aztecs


Hmmm…red faced, headdress, lots of jewelry.  Now it’s not referring to Native Americans, per se, but I’m guessing plenty of people find this one offensive too.  But in Mexico, they don’t care much about this kind of football, since it’s not futbol.

3) Cleveland Indians

I am a huge Cleveland Indians fan, and have been for the last 20 years, but c’mon.  In fact, in my bio picture on this very website, I can be seen wearing an Indians hat with this exact logo on it.  That being said, this one should probably be in the #1 spot to get changed.  I would venture to guess that the name is pretty offensive, but the logo is probly 100x more offensive.  This basically looks like an Indian guy went to the carnival to that booth where the guy with the mullet and nasty mustache draws caricatures, and this is what he handed the Indian guy.  And then that carnie made a copy of the caricature he drew.  Then he was driving his trans am back to the trailer park and found a bag full of millions of dollars on the side of the road.  And he decided to start a baseball team and made this its mascot.  Pretty elaborate hypothetical story, I know – but I’m just sayin….

4) Chicago Blackhawks


Same scenario as the Redskins.  Even looks relatively the same.  These guys could probably change their logo to something sweet like this, though, without changing their name…


5) Atlanta Braves


At least these guys relatively got rid of their logo.  I mean, they still have a tomahawk, but it’s a start.  What’s probably pretty offensive here, though, is the tomahawk chop the fan base does during games.

6) Florida St. Seminoles


Florida St. has kind of combined the worst of a few of the other teams listed above to come up with an axis of evil, so to speak, of racism.  Caricature face, tomahawk chop at the games, and they even tried to change the logo a couple years ago to be less racist – and this was the outcome.  Nice try, guys.

featured image h/t: huffington post

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