Observations From a Chance the Rapper Show


Last night, Chance the Rapper played a concert at the Centurylink Center in Omaha. I was fortunate enough to attend, and in doing so, I took some notes throughout the show of observations I had. Here they are, in no particular order:

– He opened with Mixtape, which was weird! But also cool! I really like when an artist/band starts a show with a lesser known or not as popular song. It really catches you off guard and is usually a great way to open.

– Chance introduced himself twice. Once after the opener as the second track started to play (Blessings), and then again after like the third track or so. He said the same thing both times – “Hi. My name is Chance the Rapper. I’m from Chicago, Illinois”.

– At one point Chance asked if the crowd had heard that he had the No. 1 song in America (I’m the One, the DJ Khaled track he’s featured on). However, this was right before he talked about and began some tracks from Acid Rap, his much beloved second mixtape. That was a neat way to connect with fans who know Chance’s stuff outside of what they play on the radio.

– It turned out that the band playing was all of The Social Experiment, including the artist who used to go by Donnie Trumpet, but doesn’t anymore. They then went into Sunday Candy, which was easily one of the best songs of the show.

– The whole venue felt very intimate, despite not being designed that way. Like, the layout didn’t make things feel that personal, but Chance’s performance elevated it far beyond what the stage allowed for. I felt like I was right next to him the whole show despite being very far away.

– At one point, when Chance was talking to the crowd he paused and then said, “I don’t know about y’all…but I’m trying to get to heaven”. That shot through me like a bullet, even though I already knew what a ton of his music and vibes were about.

– He played a lot of his songs in one minute snippets rather than extra long extended versions. Having never been to a rap show, I have no clue if this is commonplace or not. It didn’t feel out of place for this show though.

– At one point old pictures of Chance and Kanye flashed on screen as he began a medley of Kanye songs, including his original version of Waves he made for Ye. It was a very cool moment. He even had the original interview clip where he revealed part of it rolling on the screen as he sang.

– As he began to wrap up, he talked about how hard of a week it was (he lost his aunt due to breast cancer earlier in the week), and said that despite that, this was the best show of the tour. I feel like artists always say that stuff, but Chance is such a genuine person that it didn’t feel like he was just saying it.

– As he sang Same Drugs, a long walkway descended over the crowd on the floor, and Chance ran up a ramp and began singing as he walked over the crowd. A lot of people from the seats in the stands ran down and jumped the fence onto the floor. Security didn’t even try to stop them, which was dope.

– Same Drugs is even more perfect live than it is on the album, which is incredible to think about.

– The guitar riffs at the end of Same Drugs sound even better live than they do on the album, somehow. Also, this was the first time I cried during the show.

– After Same Drugs, Chance walked back to the stage and started the longest version of Summer Friends you’ve ever heard. (Coincidentally, Summer Friends was the first Chance Song I really loved.) This was the second time I cried during the show.

– At one point Chance revealed that the second verse of Summer Friends was his favorite on the whole album before diving into it. I thought that was interesting and cool.

– Finally, Chance closed with the reprise of Blessings, which was predictable but also a very perfect end to the show.

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