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Marvel has released a second trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming and it’s packed with action, characterization, and information about the upcoming movie. So packed, in fact, that some are worried that maybe it shows a little too much. I was a bit surprised at first to see that, just about everywhere on the internet where discussion of the trailer was taking place, people were type-yelling that the trailer showed far too much. There are always those who think trailers give away a little too much information, but I suppose my initial surprise stemmed from the fact that this hasn’t really been an issue for any Marvel movies thus far.

But here’s the thing: if you’ve been paying attention, this trailer didn’t really reveal anything new. If anything, it simply gave context to stuff that anyone who has been paying serious attention already knew in the first place. So what I’m going to do is talk about three things that were “revealed” from the trailer, and then talk about what we already knew about those things anyway. If you really, really don’t want anything about the movie spoiled for you, then I guess quit reading this. And also don’t watch the trailer. Oh, and get off the internet. And maybe don’t go outside, either.

What we knew: There would be two Spider-Man suits in the movie.

Prior to this trailer’s release, we knew we’d be getting Spidey in more than one suit, thanks to a few brief clips from the first trailer. And while we lacked context as to why we would – after all, with Stark gifting Peter with his new suit in Captain America: Civil War, there’d be no reason for him to go back to his hoody and sweatpants – we had some different potential stories to fall back on as well. The first was that this could potentially turn out like the actual Civil War comic, in which Spider-Man changes sides, and Stark literally programs the suit he gave Peter to turn on him, and cause him to ditch it for his old blue and red duds. There’s also the possibility that he completely torched the suit in a fight or accident, and had to go back to his old one, something that’s happened on several occasions. Another possibility would be that he wouldn’t have his suit with him, but for some reason would have his old suit on him, and would have to make do with that. Ok, admittedly, that last one is a bit of a stretch. But there’s comic precedent for that sort of situation…

What we now know: Peter needs his old suit because Tony Stark takes his back.

I included this first, as opposed to my next point, simply because it is the single most revealing thing about the movie, and what I think fans are most divided on. We see that, in the trailer, that bit where Peter is desperately holding two halves of a boat together is because of an early run-in with the Vulture, and the situation is mitigated by Iron Man coming in to save the day. This leads to a heated conversation between Peter and Stark about how Peter shouldn’t have done anything with the criminals on the boat, and leads to Stark demanding his suit back while saying, “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it”. (As an aside, this is a fun callback to previous movies in the Marvel universe, mainly Avengers and Iron Man 3, and is clearly something that Tony has carried with him as a character.)

Many people are under the impression that this absolutely should not have been revealed in the trailer, and would have had more impact if it wasn’t revealed until people saw the movie. However, I would argue that seeing that Peter and Stark are going to be at odds during at least a significant portion of the movie, actually makes it more interesting. With the first trailer showing Stark in mostly a comedic role, and also flying around seemingly teaming up with Spider-Man, it’s nice that we’re instead getting a more stern, almost fatherly role out of him. And that brings me to my next thing.

What we knew: Tony Stark was going to play a significant role in this story.

One of the biggest takeaways from the first Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer was that we’d be getting a heavier dose of Iron Man than we have in previous Marvel films, save for his own, obviously, and Captain America: Civil War (which was really an Avengers movie, if you think about it). But, as I mentioned, the trailer showed him in a relatively limited capacity, mostly quipping about and giving Peter a bit of advice here or there, and flying around with Spider-Man in what appeared to be a team up of sorts. It wasn’t really confirmed how much he’d actually do in the movie, though, and it was unclear if we’d ever know before the film’s release.

What we now know: Tony Stark will play a stern, almost father-figure role in the story.

I find this bit of context incredibly appealing, and while many complain about the amount of Iron Man in the trailer, I think it was actually great for generating excitement. We’ve already seen two Spider-Man origin stories in the last 15 years. I really don’t want to see a shoehorned in section of Uncle Ben dying again, and would much rather we see a Spider-Man post- shooting, as opposed to going through the same thing.

At the same time though, you need that presence that instills a sense of responsibility in Peter Parker. It’s the single driving force behind everything he does, and it’s one of the most endearing qualities of Spider-Man; that a regular guy uses his powers for good simply because he feels it’s his responsibility to. We haven’t seen this in spite of his father-figure though; it’s typically been the dying wish of Uncle Ben. Having him constantly want to do the right thing to be more like Stark and the Avengers, and have Stark repeatedly trying to get him to lay-low is a fun new take on it.

Also, it’s great to see a continuation of Tony Stark having to deal with consequences for his actions. After all, he likely feels responsible for Peter diving head-first into trouble because he gave him his enhanced suit when he roped him into the Civil War. This has been the best part of Stark’s character arc, and having it continue is good.

What we knew: There would be a (non Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson) love interest.

This is kind of a small third thing, but most people only complained about the first two. And yet it’s one that I immediately noticed. The first trailer opens with Peter and his best friend fawning over a girl named Liz, before being berated for being weird by a girl named Michelle. And while the character of Liz could be a misdirect with Michelle turning out to be the actual love interest at the end, that’s not that point. The main takeaway here is that neither of these girls are the traditional love interest of Peter Parker! That’s new and different and apparently only important to me!

What we now know: They kind of showed that Peter gets the girl at this point.

Again, this could be a misdirect, but if that’s the case, they’re going to a lot of trouble to throw us off. As if the bit in the first trailer where Liz and Peter are talking in the phone weren’t enough – Peter is apologizing for being so busy and likely flaking out on some date he managed to get her to agree to go with him on – we get a shot of the two of them seemingly about to kiss in what looks like a school dance. And I guess that’s fine, but I can’t help but feel like it takes away some of the mystery there. Unless they pull an Amazing Spider-Man 2 and have her neck snapped at the end of the third act, it’s going to feel like they left little to go in the theater on here. However, as one redditor aptly put it, “This is a Marvel movie. Anyone could likely guess 90% of what’s going to happen”. This is true, so even giving away what they did seems harmless and inconsequential.
Ultimately, if there’s one thing that remains true after this trailer – whether you though it showed too much or not – is that if you care about this movie, you’re going to go see it. People love to comment with things like, “Oh great, now I don’t have to actually go see the movie” or by saying things like, “I just wish the trailer hadn’t shown so much” while discussing it with their other nerd friends, but the fact of the matter is anyone who was excited for this prior to the second trailer isn’t going to be deterred by it. And besides, all it provided was context for what we already knew, so stop complaining, nerds.

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