Notre Dame’s Trick Shot Monday: Boston College Week

Trick Shot Monday: Boston College Week
Trick Shot Monday: Boston College Week

Here is the weekly installment of Notre Dame’s Trick Shot Monday … Boston College week.

Trick Shot Monday began as a locker room tradition, but it has also made appearances in other locations around the Gug – the auditorium,  the players’ lounge, even Coach Kelly’s office.

In recent installments, the header has become a go-to shot. This week, to add a bit of a challenge, they have instituted a no header rule.

Even with these additional challenges, Cierre Wood came through with the quickest Trick Shot Monday win on record.

(A couple of last year’s Trick Shot Mondays took 30 minutes or more before a shot was made. Today’s took less than three.)

And without further adieu … Trick Shot Monday:



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