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Notre Dame-Stanford Photo Journal

I must be the luckiest girl ever. First I get sent back to Notre Dame through the “Biggest Fan of the Big East” contest to watch the Notre Dame Men’s basketball team upset undefeated Syracuse University. Then, I get the opportunity to do a special project and land myself in the press box for the Notre Dame-Stanford football game, the most exciting win that I’ve seen at Notre Dame in a very long time.

Here are some highlights of my epic weekend on Notre Dame’s campus in South Bend.

I left bright and early Friday morning so that I would get to campus early enough to catch the sights and snap some pictures. My first destination was the set of Saturday’s live broadcast of ESPN College Game Day. Life just does not get any better than this.

College Game Day:

Me at College Game Day:

The next thing on my itinerary was to snap some photos of campus while it was sunny, as the rain was set to move in overnight. It was such a gorgeous day on campus, and these photos don’t even do it justice, but they are all I’ve got!

Library/Touchdown Jesus:




While snapping pictures I ran into friends, which is exactly what a Notre Dame weekend is all about. After catching up with them for a while, I met a friend for dinner, and turned in early to get ready for my big day ahead.

Saturday’s first destination was to head on over to campus and watch ESPN College Game Day live and in person. Craziness. It is absolutely awesome to watch it on TV, but I have no words to describe how cool it was to see it in person. No words.

Signs at ESPN Game Day:

 More Signs at Game Day:

 The ESPN Game Day crew:

With about 10 minutes left in the show, there was a commercial break and it got really quiet. I was pretty close to the stage, and in my biggest Irish voice I yelled “DESMOND.” And wouldn’t you know … he turned around. Saw me. Waved. Gave me a thumbs up and a huge smile. Yep. Day made. He was too busy to come over and actually talk, but I got my “HI” in, and he gave me a “HI” back, so it’s all good. Yes, I was fraternizing with the enemy (MICHIGAN) …but he’s always been nice to me, and I have nothing but love for Dez.

Dez shout out:

So my work at ESPN College Game Day is done. Next I had an hour to hang with some friends before heading on over to the press box. I wish I had been able to spend more time with the TNNDN crew at their tailgate, but this is nothing new on a Notre Dame weekend. It’s always a whirlwind schedule trying to see as many people as you possibly can.

Next stop, press box. I i’s the most amazing feeling ever to walk up, get your credentials, and take the elevator up to the press box. I’m not sure I’ll ever forget that very moment. Ever.

My view from the press box:

The Band of the Fighting Irish:

 And the hard core fans who braved the elements:

With five minutes left in the game, they give the media the opportunity to go down onto the field. I’m asked … are you in? Hello? Is the Pope Catholic? So we head down to the sidelines.


And then, who walks up and stands next to me? None other than Vince Vaughn. Best quote of the weekend, after proudly displaying my photo, “You just won the internet.”

I could barely see what was going on (between all of the people crowded down on the sidelines, and the pouring down sideways rain), and almost got taken out by Tyler Eifert (which I would have totally been okay with, by-the-way), but this is the best score I saw all night long. WIN!

Me, a (happy) drowned rat on the sidelines:

 And my favorite photo of all … Manti Te’o and Robby Toma singing the alma mater. Epic ending to the story.

The perfect end to a perfect weekend. I keep saying I don’t think I can top this Notre Dame weekend … and then I keep topping them. I hope there are many more epic weekend like this ahead!

Cheers & GO Irish!


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