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No Coast NFL Power Rankings — Week 11


Just when I think I have this league figured out, the Bengals upset the Giants, the Chiefs catch the Steelers off guard and we get a tie game. What is happening? Major shifts for some this week.

  1. Atlanta Falcons (8-1) [No Change] — Okay, so they can’t go undefeated. Look, a loss to a divisional rival on the road is nothing to panic about.
  2. Houston Texans (8-1) [No Change] — The defense stopped Cutler and the Bears (most defenses could), but what was impressive was how the offense stepped up against another fantastic defense. I would just be absolutely surprised to see a different AFC team in the Super Bowl.
  3. San Francisco 49ers (6-2-1) [Up 1 Spot] — That tie could cost them a chance at the championship in the long run, but they’re still great on both sides of the ball.
  4. New England Patriots (6-3) [Up 2 Spots] — This team just never goes away. They’re starting to look more like the Patriots we all know and hate.
  5. Denver Broncos (6-3) [Up 3 Spots] — Hottest team in the league right now.
  6. Baltimore Ravens (7-2) [Up 6 Spots] — I know the win this week was spectacular, but I have to discount it because it was the Raiders. The Ravens have the easiest schedule of any NFL team this season. Especially now that Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh offense won’t be able to stop them.
  7. Green Bay Packers (6-3) [Up 2 Spots] — Bye week boost.
  8. Seattle Seahawks (6-4) [Up 2 Spots] — I’d still be nervous about the offense, but who cares. No one is beating Seattle in Seattle this year.
  9. Chicago Bears (7-2) [Down 2 Spots] — A tough loss that hopefully showed how weak the Bears’ defense is.
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-4) [Up 1 Spot] — Here’s another hot team, back in the wildcard hunt.
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) [Down 5 Spots] — First, they looked bad against the Chiefs. I mean, this is a team that has the potential to go down as the worst of all time and the Steelers suck out a win in OT? And now without Big Ben . . . well, I’d be pretty nervous going forward.
  12. New York Giants (6-4) [Down 7 Spots] — I’m going to chalk these last two weeks up to fatigue. Watch the Giants bounce back after their bye this week.
  13. Minnesota Vikings (6-4) [Up 1 Spot] — A solid win over the Lions. The Vikings defense is back for the most part.
  14. Indianapolis Colts (6-3) [Up 1 Spot] — Andrew Luck could make the playoffs in his first year. Crazy.
  15. Cincinnati Bengals (4-5) [Up 2 Spots] — Hey, that was more like the Bengals we expected this season.
  16. Detroit Lions (4-5) [Down 3 Spots] — Who said you could use Megatron again?
  17. St. Louis Rams (3-5-1) [Up 10 Spots] –The Rams are undefeated in the NFC West. That counts for something, right?
  18. New Orleans Saints (4-5) [Up 4 Spots] — This team is storming up the chart at this point. Impressive win.
  19. Dallas Cowboys (4-5) [Up 4 Spots] — All defense this week. The NFC East is just a mess right now. It’s anyone’s game. 
  20. Miami Dolphins (4-5) [Down 4 Spots] — An early contender to get an AFC wildcard or even upset the Pats for the division, but things look pretty dismal right now.
  21. Washington Redskins (3-6) [Down 3 Spots] I’m expecting some more wins now.
  22. New York Jets (3-6) [Down 2 Spots] — Pathetic. This team is better than this.
  23. San Diego Chargers (4-5) [Down 2 Spots] — “‘Cause I’m free! Free falling!” on the Power Rankings.
  24. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) [No Change] — Nick Foles is the answer. To go 3-13.
  25. Carolina Panthers (2-7) [Down 6 Spots] — I realize there are teams lower than this with higher records. The Panthers do have a hard schedule, though. It’s not like #25 is a good ranking.
  26. Tennessee Titans (4-6) [Down 1 Spot] — How do you have four wins?
  27. Buffalo Bills (3-6) [Down 1 Spot] Fitzy plays great in losing games.
  28. Arizona Cardinals (4-5) [No Change] — Skelton.
  29. Oakland Raiders (3-6) [No Change] — The offense looks like it has gotten fixed up. But the defense is a wreck now.
  30. Cleveland Browns (2-7) [No Change] — Hey, you.
  31. Kansas City Chiefs (1-8) [Up 1 Spot] — You aren’t the worst team in the league any more!!
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) [Down 1 Spot] — Worst team. Just difficult to watch now.
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