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No Coast Bias Fantasy Football League Recap — Week 13


We’ve finally seen the last weekend of the regular season. For some, it was a painful year. For some, there was joy in sneaking into the playoffs. Some just added to their already generous win columns. For most . . . soul-crushing, season-ending defeat.

The league is open, so if you want to take a look at the standings and the specifics, please do so here.

Rollin’ Up Blounts vs. Replacement Officials (83-77)

In a worthless battle for pride only, it was Blounts that came up with a win on the backs of Schaub, Beast Mode and Charles. These two teams close out the season with 4-9 and 5-8 records respectively.

Virginia Beach Cornhawks vs. Dirty Birds (63-104)


Here was another worthless matchup, but this one was for a different reason: Both teams had already earned playoff spots. This one does not bode well for Cornhawks’ future, however. AP ran up the score for Birds and was helped by Brandon Marshall and C.J. Spiller. Cornhawks had disappointing showings from nearly every position, by comparison.

Blue Bengals vs. MEXtra Pointz (55-85)


Bengals stretched the losing streak to 9, with only Peyton Manning showing up. This one was only for pride also . . . but a 1-12 finish has got to hurt. MEXtra just didn’t have juice to get into the playoffs even though Brandon Myers and Steve Smith put up their best numbers of the year.

Team Pymps vs. D’s Nuts (93-65)

And Pymps keeps the hot streak going. With this fourth win in a row, They actually kept Nuts out of the playoffs. The Dez and Romo combo has kept Pymps going now that the Cowboys have been fighting for their lives. It’s a tough loss to take to end Nuts’ season.

Show me your TD’s vs. Lincoln Cowfish (103-101)

Ultimately, it made no difference who won this . . . they both have a post-season. What should be pointed out, though, is that TD’s put up some numbers again after a few weeks of struggling late. Still. Jake Locker is the starting QB for this team. They get a bye, so maybe that will help in finding a suitable replacement. Cowfish actually still got the other bye week with this loss and hopefully Cam keeps his hot streak going for Cowfish late in the season.

Team leftcoastbias vs. Cromartie Kidz (79-75)


Despite the low scoring here, this has to be GotW because it got leftcoastbias into the playoffs and killed Kidz’s season. leftcoast has a lot to worry about though as this score will not compare with the competition in the future.

Steeler Virginity vs. Monstah Lobstah (85-70)

With this, Virginity takes the 6th seed. An all important win, but it should be noticed that Bryce Brown and Calvin Johnson made up almost 60% of that score. It’s going to be a great playoffs.


Highest scoring team: Dirty Birds

Lowest scoring team: Blue Bengals

Highest scoring rusher: Adrian Peterson (Dirty Birds) — 28 points

Highest scoring passer: Cam Newton (Lincoln Cowfish) — 28 points

Worst play this week: Bears D/ST (D’s Nuts) — -1 points

Average team score: 81.3 points

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